We’ll Fish Out Police Killers Of Nasarawa Workers – IGP Tells NLC

We’ll Fish Out Police Killers Of Nasarawa Workers – IGP Tells NLC


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The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, on Friday in Abuja assured the organised labour that the policemen who shot two workers to death during a rally in Nasarawa State would be brought to justice.
Idris said this when the Presidents of the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress led a delegation to his office.
The police shot four workers out of which two later died in the rally on July 29.
The shooting occurred as a delegation of the NLC began talks with the State Government over the protracted labour crisis rocking the state.
The police boss told the delegation that the culprits would be identified and brought to justice.
Idris said: “I am making a promise to all of you that we are going to take necessary action against any officer that was involved in this kind of behaviour.
“There is no part of police regulation that says police should take human life anyhow.
“Weapons are used only in some crucial circumstances, that is, if the officer’s life is under threat.
“You cannot just shoot at people who are not armed like those who are in peaceful demonstration.
“I promise that severe action will be taken on report that would be brought from the investigation.”
Idris said the police under his command must abide by the core value of the rule of law.
Idris said police throughout the world was meant to protect lives and property.
He said: “The police force must have human feelings so that no matter the circumstances, they must have the feeling of humanity at the back of their mind.
“We must treat human beings with respect and I think that has been our message.
“So, what I am assuring you is that whosoever is indicted will be fished out and also face the wrath of the law.

“That was why when I heard of what happened at the Government House, I directed the CP in the state to detain the mobile policemen there and also commence interrogation immediately.”
Idris said the security of the country should be everybody’s concern as peace only comes with development.
“It is our prayer that Nigeria should develop, but if we do not have peace, how can we have development in this country,” he said.
Earlier, the NLC President, Ayba Wabba, said it was important for the police boss to bring the perpetrators to justice.
Wabba said the sanctity of human life was something that everybody must guard.
He said: The incident is unfortunate.
“I think all of us must continue to look at the sanctity of human lives because any of us can be affected.
“But I think those of us alive must continue to demand for justice for those that are unjustly treated.
“That is why I thought that we should be able to bring the issue to your notice because two people died while the other two are still in the hospital.”
Wabba said without justice and fairness, it would be difficult to ensure security, law and order as this was the only way to ensure peace and development in the country.
Wabba said the congress had documented evidences such as pictures and records of videos of what happened at the Government House on the fateful day.
He said the congress had written to the National Human Rights Commission, among others, for justice to prevail for those who lost their lives and also the injured.
The TUC President, Bobboi Kaigama, called on the police boss to treat the issue comprehensively.
Kaigama said those indicted should not be shielded by the state government.
He said: “We hope to get to the end of this matter, so that our colleagues who were affected will know that justice has been served.”

  1. Zakariya suleiman says

    Well we hope they fish those responsible for the murder and bring them to justice

  2. Adetona Oluwasegun says

    That’s a really tough test Mr IGP, the residents should be away and avoid wary walking so they won’t be apprehend as suspects

  3. Samson Sinda Auta says

    When after their families have suffer all the pain. Haba imagine

  4. Yusuf Abdulhamid Dangogo says

    Well you guys should work better to them

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