World’s Largest Aircraft Crashes As It Attempts To Take To The Sky (Photos)


It was hailed a ‘great British innovation’ by its makers following a successful maiden flight just seven days ago. However the world’s largest aircraft suffered cockpit damage in what was described as a ‘heavy landing’.

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Nicknamed the ‘Flying Bum’, the 320ft-long Airlander made its first test flight only last Wednesday. But the aircraft, which can carry a ten-tonne pay load, has crashed at its base Cardington Airfield in Bedfordshire.

Aviation experts estimated the damage will cost about £20,000 to repair given the unique nature of the project.

  1. Oluwatosin Oluwasegun Adetona says

    Lool see the boobs is bigger than the ass so it weighed it down big time. Well didn’t crash really bad.

  2. Zakariya suleiman says

    Ehya what a sad news hope no people inside the plane

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