Shocking! Angry Ex-boyfriend Murders Girlfriend & Her Brother In Their Home (Photo)

An angry and violent man has shocked residents of his community after he fatally murdered his ex-girlfriend and her brother over a failed relationship.

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Nelisiwe Malumane and her brother, Lucky Masilela, were shot dead at their home
When Nelisiwe Malumane told her lover their relationship was over, he was furious. And in the early hours of Tuesday morning, Nelisiwe and her brother, Lucky Masilela were murdered by her ex-boyfriend!

It’s believed Nelisiwe’s former boyfriend sneaked into the family home through a window and found Lucky sleeping in the sitting-room, where he was shot dead.

The sound of gunfire woke Nelisiwe up but it was too late for her to escape and she was shot dead while still lying in bed.

Nelisiwe’s family, from Salubindza in Mpumalanga, in South Africa was too traumatised to speak to Daily Sun.

However, a relative revealed that Nelisiwe had broken up with her boyfriend a month ago and moved back in with her parents. Since then he had been begging her to take him back but she refused.

“His begging soon turned to rage and he began harassing her,” said the relative.

“Once he took her bank card and withdrew all the money from her account.

Her brother advised her to return to the family home because he feared this man would kill her.”

The relative said a few days after Nelisiwe moved home, the boyfriend arrived with a container full of petrol. He wanted to set the house alight but neighbours scared him off.

“After killing the siblings, this man called Nelisiwe’s friend and told her what he had done.

“He told her to go and check at the house if she didn’t believe him. The friend then called the cops.”

Angry residents went out to search for the boyfriend but they found he had killed himself at his house in Kabokweni. He had shot himself in the head.

Police spokesman Sergeant Gerald Sedibe confirmed the incident. He said two murder cases and an inquest docket had been opened.

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