Every Big Booty Woman Can Totally Relate With These Struggles (Photos)

Although the booty is always seen as a blessing, girls who are well endowed know it’s low-key one of the biggest struggles ever.

Find some of them below.


1. Getting into a pair of jeans is the realest struggle


Someone somewhere will say you’re just showing off though



2. Finding one that fits your waist, hips and legs perfectly is almost impossible


Either too small or way too big



3. Everyone assumes you can Tw@rk


Big booty =/= pro Tw@rk mistress

Um, no. My booty didn’t get the memo on that one



4. Wearing leggings makes you seem like an attention seeker


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And all you had were good intentions when wearing it



5. Getting out of chairs might mean taking the whole seat along with you


Life isn’t fair really



6. Bum shorts? Maybe not



Bum shorts are a hazard for the big booty

Unless you like your B.utt cheeks being on full display.



7. Living with the fear that your dress might rip open anytime


When Tw@rking goes wrong! #WaitForIt #NET Via @efeomorogbe

A video posted by Nigerian Entertainment Today (@thenetng) on


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8. Your B.utt keeps knocking things over


All because you’re betrayed by the booty



9. Walking in front of people is super uncomfortable


It’s frustrating



10. Better get used to the cat calls


The cat calls will be unending

Eis! Big yansh!


11. You either learn how to amend your clothes yourself or be ready to spend tons of money on tailors


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12. Low wasted jeans are a no no!


Or be ready to reveal your B.utt crack.



13. Being known for your big behind




14. Short sundresses are a big risk


Your B.utt is going to take a few extra inches behind, so you just might be risking revealing all your wares.



15. Squeezing through small spaces is impossible


Your booty always gets left behind


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