Omg! What Happened to a Man After Cheat!ng with His Neighbour’s Wife Will Shock You

A man who slept with his neighbour’s wife has landed in serious trouble after a charm left him in a sorry condition.

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A man from Nyamhondo village under chief Nyamhondo in Mberengwa in Zimbabwe has been left in a sorrowful state after he had s*x with a married woman.
According to B-metro, the man has reportedly been suffering non-stop diarrhea attack for over 24 hours.
It was gathered that he was inflicted with Ulunyoka or Runyoka – an illness that results from having s*x with a married woman whose husband could have ‘fenced’or used ‘juju’ on her so that other men who would have s*x with her cannot separate from her or develop strange illness – the juju is administered on women without their knowledge. 
Reports are that Abraham Shoko suffered the rare condition of a continuous running tummy soon after having $exual intercourse with his neighbor Jacob Chihora’s wife Sthabile Maphosa.
However, it has been reported that the man is now recovering after he paid the Chihora two beasts, before he removed the charm. Chihora reportedly approached chief Nyamhondo who fined Shoko for bonking his wife. According to a source from the area during the court hearing Shoko confessed that he was lured into bed by Maphosa who incessantly begged him saying she was $exually starved as her husband was not good in bed.
"He confessed that trouble started after he visited Chihora’s homestead intending to borrow an axe where he found his wife alone. Shoko said Chihora’s wife started talking about her marital problems saying she was s*x starved since her husband was not good in bed before she invited him into her bedroom hut.

Shoko further told the court that during the act he started having stomach cramps which immediately developed into a running tummy leading him to soil his lovebird’s blankets. As Maphosa was struggling to come to terms with what was happening her husband immediately arrived and found Shoko groining in pain on his  bed,” said the source who preferred anonymity.
The unperturbed Chihora locked the door and called Shoko’s wife and some neighbours to come and witness the incident. The matter was later brought to Chief Nyamhondo who presided over it after two days since he was not around when the incident happened.
The source further said during these two days Shoko was bed ridden experiencing non-stop diarrhea which later stopped after he paid two beasts to Chihora at Chief Nyamhondo’s instigation. When contacted for comment Chief Nyamhondo confirmed the incident before he warned his male subjects from sleeping with married women.

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