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6 Lipstick Shades Women Use to Turn Men on (Photos)

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Lipsticks are the perfect finish for every woman’s  make up. The lips are a center focus of genuine beauty. Women with nice lips appear a lot more beautiful. It’s no reason the make-up manufacturers concentrate on creating lipstick shades that impress that consumers.

Every woman should have at least two or more lipsticks in her beauty purse. Men love a woman that takes care of her looks and whether or not one likes to put on make-up, lipsticks are necessary to glam up your look for any event.

Here are six lipstick shades that turn men on.

1. Orange 


This is suitable for the sassy girl look and for night time. Women wear these loud shade when they want to look hot and S3@.x:’y for a party or when they out clubbing. The shade will look good on chocolate or caramel skin coloured women.


2. Purple


Purple shade lipstick is a new colour gaining grounds in the beauty purse of most ladies today. The different shades of colour available makes it possible for different ranges of skin colours to try and still look amazing.


3. Pink



Pink is a colour for every lady and its feminine outlook makes it a favourite for both women and men who like it on the ladies. Pink is a soft colour so its suitable for work, events and parties.


4. Red


Red is the ultimate lipstick shade for every woman. Its many shades makes it easy to pick a shade perfect for whatever skin colour one has. It is trendy, beautiful and absolutely sets anyone putting it on aside from the crowd. A quality red lipstick will make any woman look hot, if well applied. Men love red lipstick on women.


5. Brown


This for the for the bold dark skinned girl who is confident and not afraid to try new things. Brown lipsticks can be selective but when used by the right woman looks completely flawless and enchanting.


6. N.ude


The N.Ude lipstick is used when a woman is going for a natural look. Some men love women who look natural. This lipstick shade is ideal for work and every other place. It is classy and makes every woman look mature and gorgeous when it is used.

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