Heroic Firefighter Saves Dog By Performing Mouth-To-Mouth (Photos)

This is the heartwarming moment a firefighter saves a dog’s life by performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and CPR. Fireman Costache Mugurel had just rescued the dog’s 51-year-old owner from a burning building on December 9 in Pitesti near Bucharest, Romania.

He carried the man out of the building after the blaze and then quickly moved his attention to the homeowner’s pet.

Mr Mugurel wrote on his Facebook page: ‘Nobody gets left behind’.

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Footage shows the fireman bending down on his knees as the dog lays on the ground outside the building.

He tends to the distressed animal by stroking it and continued to push down on its chest in a bid to save its life.

Mr Mugurel then made the decision to perform mouth-to-mouth and successfully managed to revive the dog, reports Mashable.

Another member of the fire service gave Mr Mugurel an oxygen mask and they teamed up to save the dog.

After minutes of life-saving treatment, the dog eventually began breathing again and was taken to a veterinary clinic.

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