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See 8 Things Your Pastor Does Not Know And Will NEVER Know


Being a pastor is not an easy task. Majority of the time, your members expect you to know everything as if you were God.

Most church members see their pastors as ‘gods’ who should be all knowing. They keep expecting the pastor to predict what will happen in future because he is called by God and if he does not, they begin to doubt his authenticity.


People forget that though they are men of God, they cannot know everything. They are also human and there is a limitation to what they can know.


#1:. They do not know every member of their congregation

Some churches have over a thousand members and you cannot expect the pastor to know everybody. Every day new people join the church. It will be very hard to keep up.

#2:. They do not know what every member is going through

If you do not tell the pastor about your problems, he will not know. The pastor will only know as much as you reveal to him. The man of God may know what some are going through, especially those close to him but the rest, he does not know.


#3:. They do not know secrets of church members

A lot of people have secrets that they keep to themselves. Unless it is revealed to the pastor, he will never know.

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#4:. They do not know how every member gets their money

Most times, pastors have been criticized for accepting stolen money and those gotten illegally. You cannot blame them. They have no idea what every member of the church does and how they make their money.


#5:. They do not know the plans God has for every member

The pastors can only quote scriptures about God’s plan for you but they do not know what is in store for you.


#6:. They do not know which of their messages will have on impact on the congregants

All they can do is preach and hope someone gets touched.


#7:. They do not know who will be the next president of their country

Oh yes! Whenever elections are close, many church members will be expecting their pastors to predict who will win the presidential election. One time, a certain pastor decided to prophecy about who will be the next president of the United States of America and he failed woefully.


#8:. They do not know when the world is coming to end

Just like every other person, they have no idea if and when the world will come to an end.



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