VIDEO: #BBNaija, TBoss Made Some Surprising Confessions Last Night, Including…..


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Day 66 was tough but the Housemates kind of expected this as they had already been pre-warned that this was Extreme Survivor Week. The Housemates had to deal with five gruelling Missions laid out by Big Brother in order to win rewards.

It would seem that the two factions in the House, even though they try to work together during their Tasks, have ulterior motives and TBoss and Debie-Rise proved this was true as they concocted a plan to sabotage the Tasks to ensure the Housemates do not win or excel. Of a total of 50 points on offer, the Housemates ended up with 38 points due to the fact that they didn’t finish some of the Tasks.

After the games were done, Bisola, Efe, Bally and Marvis sat around the dining table to chat and campaign for Votes, before Bisola spotted something TBoss had done and the conversations took a turn down south. Bisola pointed out the fact that TBoss was a petty hoarder who liked to keep general House things to herself, citing the example of the nail polish remover. Biggie had given two bottles of nail polish remover to the Housemates and TBoss had immediately taken one and locked it away in her wardrobe, leaving the rest of the House to share the remaining bottle.

Just as this talk was going on in the dining room, TBoss and side kick Debie-Rise were in the closet area getting dressed after their shower and TBoss confided to Debie-Rise that the food and drinks Jon had found under her wardrobe a few weeks ago were actually hidden there by her (TBoss), to which Debie-Rise just chuckled.

The Housemates still sat around for a few minutes more but one by one they all went to bed with Bally, Efe and Marvis the last ones to vacate the dining area. They elected to sleep on the floor beside the empty beds. It would be interesting to see how the next couple of days play out between the Housemates. Don’t forget that Voting lines are open till Saturday 8pm WAT, so please Vote to save your favourite Housemate.


  1. Anderlech says

    I have not been able to vote from the Wechat, I have been voting all these while but unable to vote this week. It keeps telling me the site is not found, atimes I will get to where I will see the nominated housemates but when I click on one to vote it will not take me to where I can vote rather it keeps rotating and returning me to the same place. Please help me to vote for my housemate. Thank you

  2. Mishark says

    I vote for Bisola Bisola Bisola Bisola Bisola Bisola

  3. Mishark from Abuja says

    I vote for Bisola Bisola Bisola Bisola God bless you madam

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