Internet On Fire as “Hushpuppi” And “Mr Ipreachmoney” Fight Dirty Over Fake Lifestyle (Photos)

Yesterday, a fake lifestyle fight brewed between flamboyant Nigerian Instagram big boy Hushpuppi and another IG user known as Mr Ipreachmoney. It all started when Huspuppi shaded Ipreachmoney by allegedly calling his Brabus SUV fake.. Looks like Ipreachmoney caught the sub, and decided to call out Huspuppi yesterday.

He claimed that the 40million Patek wristwatch Huspuppi has been flaunting all over social media is just a fake steel studded with cheap hello kitty stones…SAY WHATT ?!?!?! He also dared him to post the receipt of the wristwatch if it’s truly original, saying Davido is the only person with original Patek… .

Huspuppi on the other hand fired back (as expected) saying Ipreachmoney who was beaten up at club DNA was just trying to take out his frustration on him and that he should leave him out of his misfortune…. .

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Meanwhile Ipreachmoney said Huspuppi is an ingrate because he was the only one there for him when Davido threatened to beat him, he said Huspuppi called him with his voice shaking as he was so scared like a jelly fish… he went further to say that the receipt Huspuppi posted few days ago from his lavish club spending was not funded by him…. Someone also hinted him that Huspuppi was allegedly beaten up in Malaysia, that was why he ran back to Nigeria.

It was also gathered that this is not the first time Huspuppi and Ipreachmoney are engaging themselves in an online battle.




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