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20 Most Expensive Houses in The World and Their Prices, Owners. This list will blow your mind (Photos)

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Sitting around in your apartment, have you ever thought to yourself that it’s too pricey, especially for what you get out of it? You’re sharing a bathroom with three other people, the gym has one working treadmill and a 10 pound dumbbell— and you’re paying $500 a month. It is enough to make you dream about having your own huge house, but there are some that are completely unobtainable if you aren’t a mega millionaire.

Today, we will focus on those houses that are so expensive that the mortgage payments each month are higher than your annual salary. Maybe even higher than what some people will make in a decade. These are the houses that have about a dozen bedrooms, even more bathrooms, private gyms, bowling alleys, movie theaters and all that good stuff. These places are essentially malls where only the people that live there or are invited there get to see the inside of. If you have ever passed a mansion with a huge gate and a security guard at the front of it, it might be on this list. Surprisingly, America doesn’t top the list with the most expensive houses in the world, with Europe taking the lead. Still, most regions are well represented and if you are ever lucky enough, you might get to see one of these in person. Here are the world’s top 20 most expensive home.


#20 – Starwood Estate – Aspen, CO ($10.8 Million)

Starwood is currently listed for sale at $10.8 million and was owned by the late John Denver, whose name belongs in Colorado. The singer/songwriter loved the gated property and lived there up until his tragic death in a plane crash. You and your family/friends can actually rent the house out while it is being sold, but you might want to collect a few paychecks before even thinking about it.

There are seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, which is a bit small for the houses on this list, but there is a lot more outside of the house. The indoor pool can be used year round, and you can also hit the tennis court outside if the weather cooperates. A movie theater and private gym are nice additional bonuses to the massive estate, so save up your pennies for a weekend there!

#19 – Tranquility – Lake Tahoe, NV ($48 Million)

Tranquility is a beautiful estate that was once owned by Tommy Hilfiger co-founder Joel Horowitz. In 2013, Horowitz sold the home to an unknown buyer for $48 million. The home is filled with replicas of some of the most iconic places, including; a cigar lounge that is identical to the one in St. Regis Hotel, a staircase straight from the Titanic, and a library that looks just like New York City Public Library.

With Tranquility, you also get 210 acres, a private lake, an art studio, and even a par three golf course to use on your own. No more setting up a tee time or waiting for old ladies to let you and your group play when you live here. The staff that work on the property even get their own home and use of the gym.

#18 – Hala Ranch – Aspen, CO ($49 Million)

Aspen, Colorado is one of the ski capitals of the world, and it is home to our next mind bogglingly expensive home. Hala Ranch was listed for $135 million but sold for $49 million to John Paulson. Paulson made his billions in hedge funds but only had to pay a chunk of his net worth for the ranch. The main house on the ranch is 56,000 square feet and has 15 bedrooms. Unless you have over a dozen kids, there’s not really a need for that many bedrooms, but guests can come visit whenever they want. The 16 bathrooms have gold sinks and the courtyard outside of the guest house has a waterfall/pool. The rest of us are lucky to get an above-ground pool.

#17 – Villa La Palladiana – France ($76 Million)

The Villa is one of the most unique structures on the list at 27 stories tall, and is packed with indoor and outdoor gardens to give it a nice appeal. There are even some stories that don’t have a bedroom since there are only 19 in total. The estate was purchased in 2014 by Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian billionaire who also owns the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA.

Chances are more likely that you could be hired on as a staff member at the house before you could afford to live there. There are typically 50 gardeners that work at the Villa year round. That’s right, 50. The view is breathtaking, too, with a great look of Cap Ferrat on each level’s balcony. Prokhorov might be crazy enough to leap into the water from the top level, but he probably hasn’t.


#16 – Dracula’s Castle – Transylvania, Romania ($80 Million)


The official name of this building is Brans Castle, but it is more commonly known as Dracula’s Castle. The original owner of the home was Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia. You may know him as Vlad the Impaler because of his fondness for impaling his enemies at the stake. Vlad was the original inspiration for Dracula, so there is a bloody feel to the home.

It would take a really high offer to buy the castle since it was purchased in the 1980’s and turned into a museum. The castle has been around since the 1300’s, so it has also been remodeled a few times to make sure it doesn’t fall over. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place that children challenge each other to stay a night in to prove they aren’t scaredy cats?

#15 – Fleur De Lys – Beverly Hills, CA ($88.3 Million)

It took some investigating work for reporters to find out who purchased the Fleur De Lys estate in 2014, and it turned out to be Michael Milken, billionaire and founder of the junk bond company The Milken Institute. The home was sold for $88.3 million to make it the most expensive house ever bought in Los Angeles County.

The estate is built in a French style, which should come as no surprise given the name of it. It is almost an exact replica of the Vaux le Vicomte castle in Paris and takes up 4.6 acres. The French love their wine, and this house can accommodate the biggest aficionado with a 3,000 square foot wine cellar. That’s about three times bigger than the first apartment you ever lived in, to put it in perspective.

#14 – Woolworth Mansion – New York, NY ($90 Million)

We come back to the United States for the next few homes on the list, starting with the Woolworth Mansion which was built over 16 acres. The walls and the huge pillars in the home were made of marble, and the stairs alone cost $2 million back when construction started in the early 20th century.

It is believed that the Woolworth Mansion is haunted, as people who have visited the home have reported that they’ve heard moans and an organ playing in the middle of the night. It was bought after the original owners passed away to become a business school for women, before being bought by Martin Carey, who at the time was the brother of New York Governor Hugh Carey.

#13 – Maison de L’Amitie – Palm Beach, FL ($95 Million)

Right on the shore of the beach in Palm Beach, Donald Trump was the proud owner of this estate. When economic times got a bit tough in 2008, Trump decided to sell the home to Dmitry Rybolovlev, who has a net worth of $9 billion. The home was sold to Rybolovlev for a total of $95 million and it came with a lot of features.

There is a 50 car parking garage on the estate with a courtyard and a 100 feet long pool. The house itself has gold and diamond sections of walls, and covers 60,000 square feet. Rybolovlev made his money in the manure market, so selling a lot of poop was able to get him this sprawling real estate.


#12 – Albemarle House – Charlottesville, VA ($100 Million)

In the 1980’s, John and Patricia Kluge made billions in the media front. When John passed away, the Albemarle House went up for sale, and it was Donald Trump that bought it in 2012 after selling Maison de L’Amitie just four years before. The original price for the house was $100 million, but Trump was able to get it off of foreclosure for just $6.5 million.

It’s terrible that Patricia could no longer afford the payments and the home was seized, but Trump got a heck of a deal on it. There are 45 rooms that fill the mansion and 13 of those rooms are bathrooms. There is also a church in the interior and helipad for Trump’s private chopper. The home also comes with a cellar that can fit enough bottles of wine to keep anyone happy for weekends to come.

#11 – Eurasia, Moscow Manor – Moscow, Russia ($100 Million)

The owner of the Eurasia Manor hasn’t been identified, but it must be someone with at least $100 million because that’s what the asking price was. Most homes aren’t even 4,000 square feet these days, but that’s how big the guest house is. There’s not just one guest house either, there are two identical large ones.

The mansion itself dwarves the guest houses at 11,700 square feet, and that’s not even the biggest part. The rec center inside is eight times that size and has a full spa and gym. Your chances of ever being stressed out or out of shape at Eurasia are almost non-existent. The neighbors are also notable since most are politicians and multi-millionaire businessmen.

#10 – Waterfront Estate – Istanbul, Turkey ($100 Million)

This estate may be the smallest on the list in terms of acreage at only 0.75, but the house itself is a massive 30,000 square feet and it’s right on the coast of the Bosphorus. The house is currently being sold by Luici Real Estate and has all of the luxuries that you come to expect from a $100 million house.

If you have ever wanted to look up and see a crystal chandelier or wash your hands in a gold sink, then this is the place for you. Or if you are the adventurous type and want to be able to jump out of your window and into a river, well then you can do that too. If you have the money for it, chances are you’re eccentric enough to pull a stunt like that off.

#9 – Franchuk Villa – London, England ($128 Million)

The name of the villa doesn’t sound very English, and that’s because it was bought by a Ukrainian businesswoman named Elena Franchuk. The house used to be a prep school for girls during the 18th century but was shut down and remodeled to be an enormous mansion. If you thought 12 foot ceilings were high, every floor of this house has 20 foot ceilings — so even Yao Ming (a 7.5 foot tall retired basketball player) could live comfortably here.

There’s also a gym and a movie theater in the Franchuk Villa, so you won’t exactly be transported back in time to when this place was a school. Franchuk seems pretty set on holding onto this house, so don’t expect it to go on sale anytime soon. Not a bad price for a prep school from old times.

#8 – Updown Court – Surrey, England ($138 Million)

Also located in Jolly Old England, the Updown Court was made with 103 rooms spreading over 58 acres of land. If you thought that the houses in your neighborhood took a long time to build, think about this: Construction on Updown Court started in 1998 and it wasn’t completed until 2006. That’s three presidential elections from start to finish.

The buyer of the home isn’t believed to be from England but maintained privacy throughout the purchase. The original owner of the home was supposed to be Bruce Willis, but even he thought that the huge price tag was too much. That’s because the home cost more than $53 million…during the recession.

#7 – The Manor – Los Angeles, CA ($150 Million)

When you’re the king of television, you get a bit of extra money to throw around. That’s what happened in 1988 when Aaron Spelling built the biggest home ever in Los Angeles. The house was later sold to Petra Stunt. She is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the man who made a lot of his money from Formula One racing.

You know how you have to wrap presents in your living room at Christmas and make a huge mess each year? This house has three rooms dedicated solely for wrapping presents. We’re not quite sure how many presents Spelling was buying each year, but apparently it was enough to get three rooms dedicated to it. There is also a parking garage that can fit 100 vehicles, so parties are commonplace when you live at The Manor.

#6 – The Pinnacle – Sky, MT ($155 Million)

Montana is known as being one of the states that is among the lowest in real estate prices in America. Not all of the houses are cheap though. The Pinnacle is the most expensive in Big Sky country. With a listing price of $155 million, The Pinnacle is part of the Yellowstone Club, which is a neighborhood that is reserved only for billionaires.

If you want to live in frozen Montana (and not many people do), you will at least be treated to a ton of luxuries in this house. There is a pool both indoors and outdoors so you can swim all year round, and a fireplace in each bathroom— because everyone hates sitting on a cold toilet seat. There is no owner currently, so start saving for this beauty today.

#5 – One Hyde Park – London, England ($214 Million)

One Hyde Park is so luxurious that you have to share the property with three different businesses. There isn’t a McDonald’s and a Wal-Mart at the bottom of the property, though. Instead, there is a Rolex store, McLaren Automotive and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank on the property. Pretty swanky company to keep.

Construction got started in January of 2007 and wrapped up in March of 2009. There are multiple homes inside of the property and the developer himself lives in there. Also living in One Hyde Park is the Prime Minister of Qatar (Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani), and Rinat Akhmetov (a Kazakh businessman.) You know you’re in the big time when you can take an elevator from your living room to the Rolex store.

#4 – Henley Mansion – Berkshire, England ($218 Million)

The Henley Mansion may be in England, but it’s owned by a billionaire from Russia who spent $218 million to move into the beauty. The identity of the Russian has been kept private, but it’s been confirmed that he is an Oligarch in Russia. Perhaps it is the history that made the price so high, since the building is over 300 years old.

Even though it’s older than George Burns, the house has been renovated multiple times to keep it looking modern. It now has an entire spa, a movie theater, and even a helipad. — Because it is assumed that if you can afford a $218 million, you can probably afford a helicopter to go with it. Seriously, though, this house is so old that King George II’s son lived there.

#3 – Fairfield Pond – The Hamptons, NY ($220 Million)

This home is owned by another junk bond billionaire, but this time is Ira Rennert. Rennert has a net worth of $6 billion and spent $220 million to build the Fairfield Pond at The Hamptons. The house sits right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and takes up a whopping 63 acres of land.

If you’re curious about what’s inside, get ready to feel poor. There are 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, a 91 foot long dining room, a bowling alley, two basketball courts and much, much more. Let’s say that you have $220 million to throw around and buy the house, you’re still going to need another $400,000 each year just to pay the property tax. The tax on this house alone could pay for around 10 police officers in The Hamptons for an entire year.

#2 – Villa Leopolda – French Riviera, France ($750 Million)

If you want to hire 50 gardeners to take care of your home and need 19 bedrooms to sleep in, then I have the perfect house for you! The only thing is that you have to have more than $750 million to give to Lily Safra. The villa is a little over 100 years old and is still one of the best looking in all of France.

The estate got its name from King Leopold II from Belgium and overlooks the beautiful French Riviera. The owner, Safra, is from the country of Brazil and has the title of Socialite and Philanthropist. That basically means she has made millions through divorces and used her wealth to buy this mansion. It’s unlikely that she will ever move out of this home, which was ironically built for a mistress at the time.

#1 – Antilla – Mumbai, India ($2 Billion)

It didn’t take a lot of time for Antilia to raise its value by a ton. In 2008, before it was even completed, it was estimated that it was worth around $80 million after $50 million in construction costs. Due to the rising prices since that time in Mumbai, the estate is now worth $2 billion.

The owner of the most expensive house on the planet is Mukesh Ambani, who is in charge of the Reliance Industries Limited, and has 600 people on staff in the building. At 570 feet tall, the structure is a bit odd looking and perhaps a little dangerous in appearance. Not to worry though, Antilia is designed to take on an earthquake that registers as an 8 on the Richter Scale. If you don’t fear earthquakes higher than that, then this might be the building for you!


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