FREE DOWNLOAD: The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai – Mp4/3gp [UPDATE]

The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai

2: Destination Dubai

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The Wedding Party 2` which is the sequel to the box office hit ‘The Wedding Party‘, was released about a week ago and like the forerunner, it is shredding box office records.

In just one week, the film has earned millions of naira from avid filmgoers who hope it would be as good and exciting as the first part.

Most of them were disappointed with the production and storyline though. Many are even asking for a refund because they got less than what they bargained for.

Remember how the first part ended? Nonso surprised Deirdre with a kiss. Is this the start of a new relationship? How far would it go?

What about Sola, who gave a show-stealing performance as the crazy best man? Would his expected tryst with the lively and rather touchy Yemisi end well?

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These and many questions are what Wedding Party 2 would answer. Of course, there is going to be another wedding.

That is the extent of the spoiler you would get as we won’t reveal who and who are getting hitched.

To get the full drama and the answers, simply Download ‘The Wedding Party 2‘ below.

Do tell us if the movie was worth it in the comments below after watching it.

Creative Team

Creative Direction: Chidera Muoka
Photography: Jerrie Rotimi
Makeup: Jumoke Tychus for Eyesome Beauty
Styling: Nkem Okorafor
Hair: Tony Aigbogun
Shoot assisted by: Chidirim Ndeche




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