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New Mother Wears The Same Skirt Her Mother Wore 22 years Ago As She Recreates A Photo Of Her Mom With Her Own Set Of Twins

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Wearing the same skirt 22 years later, mom of twins recreates a photo of her mom with her own set of twins, she posted the below photo with the caption;

”22years later, same skirt, My mum and her twins, me and mine”

she also wrote this interesting article below;

7 full months. I write this today and yet even I can’t believe it. 7 months have already passed by yet I still narrate my labour story like it happened yesterday. It’s amazing just what one can achieve or go through in just these few months.

7 has always been my lucky number, ever since I was a kid. Now that we’re here, I feel this is the turning point in our lives. I feel this is where things change for the better. I feel this is where we start to actually live and see the beauty of the world and its people and not just breathe. I feel everything is going to fall into place.

Over the past two months or so, there are days I’ve felt like a failure too. I have felt like a mum who doesn’t know how to do this mum thing right, especially when my babies had very bad nappy rash, one feels like they weren’t careful enough. Then now as I was excited about my babies starting to crawl, I forgot to mention of the constant worry that “what if they fall from the bed?” That has been me for the past three weeks. I know I’ve been told that it’s a must they fall but I just don’t want to go through this. I don’t want to see my babies hurt at all.

All in all, I just want the world to know I’m mighty proud of myself and even more proud of my babies. I also know that we’ll be okay and we will manage just fine with or without falls.

Happy 7 months Ava and Alma. May God keep you both healthy and safe. I love you so much.


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