Wicked World: Help My Step Sister – (The Story that Wrote Itself)

Below are the narration of her story:

I am a wreck at the moment and hope to God things get better for me. Straight to the point.

I started dating my fiance since September 27th 2008. He was a young man who had nothing but I stayed through to him, I loved him all through the struggle, he became my life and prayer point. There were rough days and good days. He takes me for granted alot and these makes us have misunderstanding and I still forgive him.

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Alot of people told me to leave him and go find someone better but I told them i was not there for the material things that things will get better for him. I found out on the 7th year of our relationship that he was osu(outcast), the igbos around will under stand from a conversation with his sister in law and i was shocked and she was shocked that I didn’t know because her husband told her before he married her and mine said nothing. I confronted him and all he did was laugh and said that does not matter, I was hurt for a while and I forgave him and we continued. All through my 10 years of relationship I choose not to request for anything not to make him feel bad that he connot provide for me, I just managed whatever I had, from 18 years and now I’m 28 i knew no other man I was faithful to the end . Believing that when the money comes he will take care of me.

Nlers with prayers answered my guy is doing so well for himself now, so well. I was happy because he was more confident in himself and own his own home and car now. I beg him to help me ask any of ha clients for job vacancies he said a man of his status should not so that, I was shocked. All of a sudden my guy calls reduced, he calls only when he wants to have $ex and after that he becomes busy. I asked him why is he treating me badly he said he does not know. I told him after 10 years he treats me like crap, he was just looking at me and laughing. Bom can you believe my guy said he does not just feel me anymore after 10 years.

His words I just don’t think i can love you anymore. For the past four months i don’t know the state of my heart because am gradually dying. No explanation for the break up. Nlers anyone can help


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