Think Your Man Is Cheat!ng On You? Here’s How To Find Proof To Nail Him

When two people agree to have an exclusive relationship, it’s only fair that they abide by it. As adults, there’s no point being dishonest about your intentions. If you aren’t ready to be faithful, you should be bold enough to state it from the onset.

In this age, there are people who will agree to a non-exclusive relationship for reasons best known to them. Why not find such people and be with them? If you have the feeling that your man is Cheat!ng on you despite his claims of faithfulness, you owe it to yourself to confront him about it. But before you do that, you need to have some proof. Confronting him without any proof will be mere accusations, and he could use that against you. Don’t give him the pleasure of outsmarting you on this one.

Here are three ways to find proof that your man is Cheat!ng.

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  1. Search the house

When people are involved together, they tend to share things. Whether your man goes out to meet his Cheat!ng partners or brings them to the house, there may be traces of them somewhere in the house. Of course, he wouldn’t keep any of those things in the open for you to see. He thinks he’s smart by hiding them – you have to prove him otherwise by embarking on a thorough search. Carry out your search when he’s out of the house. Don’t restrict your search to obvious places, look at the not so obvious places too.

  1. Check his phone

A lot of people may not agree with snooping over their partner’s phone because it’s a breach of trust and privacy, but what better place is there to find concrete evidence? That argument of trust and privacy doesn’t hold water. Your man betrayed your trust and invaded your privacy the moment he decided to have an affair behind your back. If you have to go all out to get the proof that you need, then so be it. Get hold of his phone when he’s not around. Don’t just check his text and WhatsApp messages, check his Facebook, emails and browsing history too. No matter how smart he is, it’ll be difficult for him not to leave any traces on all these platforms.

  1. Show up unannounced

One sure way to catch a Cheat!ng partner red handed is to show up unannounced. If you and your man live in separate houses, pick a perfect time to show up at his house without informing him beforehand. You could even tell him that you are travelling, and then show up at his place when he least expects it. A man who is Cheat!ng on you will want to have some girls over at his place when you are out of town – this is a great time to catch him in the act.  If you live together and he says he’s working late, go to his office to be sure if he’s really at the office and who he’s at the office with.



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