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Preparatory to Ekiti 2018 governorship election, there has been a third force in Ekiti State before this much recognized God-sent Olusegun Obasanjo’s Coalition of New Nigeria Movement (CNmovement).


While others (APC & PDP politicians) were busy strategizing in their various hideouts in Lagos & Abuja about how they would take advantage of the people using Ekiti 2018, Mr. Gbenga Ogedengbe and his men were preoccupied with how to ensure that the process is clean, safe, free, fair, productive and very credible.

As part of his (Ogedengbe’s) efforts to do so, he wrote a letter to the Independent National Elect0ral Commission (INEC).
The letter was officially received & stamped in the Ekiti State headquarters of INEC on the 9th day of January, 2017, last year.

Going by the new developments, it is imperative for the Obasanjo’s third force to take up the demands as contained in the letter.

Below is the copy of the said letter:
The Resident Elect0ral Commission (REC) Independent National Elect0ral Commission INEC HQ, GRA Extension New Iyin Road PMB 5324, Ado-Ekiti

Dear Sir,

We wish to register our fear over both the integrity and the credibility of Ekiti governorship polls to be conducted by INEC next year (2018).

Our fear is born out of no other reason rather than how INEC has continued to deploy problematic card readers in polling units as of previous elections without hesitation despite several complaints.

The issue of faulty card readers is fast becoming a constant in the nation’s elect0ral equation.

Many of us in Nigeria are now suspecting the issue as INEC’s deliberate attempt to shortchange any political party in whose strongholds such card readers are deployed.

We hereby warn INEC against deploying problematic card readers in any polling unit during the 2018 Ekiti governorship election.

If INEC ignores this warning and goes ahead to deploy problematic card reader in any polling unit during the Ekiti 2018 governorship election, we would reject the outcome of that election in an unprecedented manner.

Meanwhile Ekiti case would become a reference point in the history of global democracy.

As a way out of the woods, we wish to make four (4) point demands.

The 4-point demands are:- (i) Card readers’ verification exercise (CRVE) should be introduced to the elect0ral process of Ekiti State 2018 governorship election. (ii) All political parties must be given the right to participate in the verification exercise. (iii) The CRVE must take place on the day which preceeds the Election Day (July 13, 2018). (iv) Each card reader to be used must have an identification number (i.e customized).

This code will enable every party agent to ascertain that the card reader deployed in his/her polling unit was the same card reader which was being verified in the previous day.

No doubt, the injection of the CRVE into election timetable of the governorship election would allay our fears.

Moreover, this will flesh up both the integrity and the credibility of INEC and every election it conducts afterwards.

If we get your good cooperation on those demands, we may not have any cause to stage an open protest in the same regard

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