Iggy Azalea Admits Quavo Risked It All For Their Collabo

Iggy Azalea Admits Quavo Risked It All For Their Collabo, Names “The Only People Who Have Been There” For Her

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Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has some true friends in the music biz. The hip-hop diva has stepped up to discuss how small her industry circle is in 2018.

In a new interview, Iggy credits Migos’ Quavo, Kesha and Demi Lovato as the only people she can rely on.

“He gains nothing for being on the song. Everybody’s probably just like, ‘Oh, but she sucks,’ or ‘Oh, he just did it for money.’ No, he hit me up and we sent music back and forth, and he wanted to do that song. … If I’m being honest, the only people who have been there for me are Quavo, Kesha and Demi,” she says. “And everyone else has pretty much acted like I don’t exist.” Azalea says that she and Kesha text all the time — they’ve made a date to tackle some jigsaw puzzles together, while Kesha recovers from a torn ACL — and that Lovato often calls to check up on her. “People like Charli, I’ll see them in passing and say hi, there’s no bad blood about that,” she explains. “But there definitely have been some people that I feel like, ‘Okay, wow, you’re really gonna completely disassociate because of other people’s perceptions?’ Which is kind of wack as f*ck, but I try not to dwell too much on those things, because I understand — you guys have your own brands, and you’re just trying to protect yourself. I try not to take that personally.” (Billboard)


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