Nigerian Music Stars and Cars (Photos) -


Nigerian Music Stars and Cars (Photos)

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Nigerian music stars are not shy when it comes to enjoying the fruits of their labour with expensive wristwatches, cars, jewelries and beautiful homes to show for their hard work. For most of the celebrities, it is second nature to acquire these $exy and ridiculously expensive cool toys and assets.


So, how about you sit back and enjoy the ride as we take you through the expensive high class life of your favorite Nigerian artistes and the crazy cars they own ranging from Bentleys to Porsches and even Ferraris. Try to hold in all your ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as we do the count up of luxurious celebrity cars guaranteed to wow you.


The Five Star Music act is known for his unique sense of style and his expensive taste in jewelleries and noticeably cars. He has an inspiring story as to how he made it when it in music which according to him was a rough road. It’s only right that after such hard work and perseverance, you help yourself with the finest things in life… one of which is cars!


The Limpopo master has a Range Rover Sport of over N18M, BMW X6 of over N11M, the 2013 Mercedes G-Wagon of over N35M, Escalade of over N20M and Bentley GT worth over N30M.


The Omo Baba Olowo who himself is an ‘olowo’ is one of the most popular celebrities on our list. He has quite a fleet of cars in his garage. The singer, who has a flair for luxurious living, reportedly has over six exotic vehicles ranging from mercedes G-Wagon worth over N30M, 2015 Range Rover Sport SUV worth more than N35M, 2012 Audi Q7 worth over N10M, Chevrolet Camaro worth over N6M, 2012 Honda Accord and Porsche Turbo said to be worth N22M. Talk about luxury!


The Nigerian star, who has been getting a lot of international attention lately, is one with high exotic taste for luxury. The singer who years ago, lived up to the hype by famously replacing his expensive Porsche just weeks after he was involved in an accident has acquired a Bentley estimated to cost a whopping N45M, Porsche Panarema N15M, Hyundai Sonata, BMW X6 N11m and was recently spotted in a Mercedes G-Wagon in Lagos.


  1. Dbanj

Koko master D’Banj will always remain one of the biggest names in Nigerian music with the cars to match the swag. D’Banj  has in his garage, a collection that remains top notch. Banga Lee is said to own a low ride Aston Martin Vantage N32M and Mercedes Benz SL 500. With these exotic vehicles, it’s almost

impossible to say he could be bankrupt or is it?


The PSquare brothers are well known to have a flair for luxurious living, having houses both in and outside the country. The Okoye brothers sure have some possessions that cost quite a fortune… and we are not talking about the houses but the car! The pop stars own an enviable garage that includes G Wagons, SUVs, and Porsches.


We never knew Burna Boy is a fan of luxury rides until recently when he showed off his machines on his Instagram page. The singer complained about not having space in his garage and that he is forced to park some cars outside. While the jury is still out on which car is outside, Burna Boy boasts of 4 cars including a Range Rover and G-Wagon. He is also the proud owner of 3 ATV bikes in his compound.


He definitely belongs to the upper echelon of car owners with a passion for auto mobiles and it’s most definitely okay for him to spend his money on them, afterall, it’s not easy to be a plantain seller who has been able to make something of himself through music, it takes hard work!


The hit maker not only owns a G-Wagon and Range Rover, he also owns a Bentley Continental GT Coupe and a Lexus jeep.


He is hot, a ladies man, and a gentleman. From living with quite a number of dogs to having the cutest of baby mamas, the finest house and of course, expensive cars, Flavor is definitely living the life. The “Ololufe Mi” singer really doesn’t look like a car enthusiast but he’s a dude and  it’s in the DNA.


Flavour has a Mercedez Benz G- Wagon worth N25M, BMW X6 worth N30M and a Land Rover.


The Kukere master came into limelight after winning a musical talent competition and since then has been balling!  He can boast of owning a Bentley, Two Range Rover Sport and Mercedes Benz.


They don’t drive cars in heaven, good cars are made here on earth to be used by man….so guys, it’s never too late. Double that work time and you might just be the next making that visit to the car dealership.

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