Zambia Deports South African Dancer Who Performs Without Underwear -


Zambia Deports South African Dancer Who Performs Without Underwear

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The Zambian government deported the controversial female South African dancer, Zodwa Wabantu, who is popularly known for performing without underwear.

According to Reuters, the reason for her deportation was over concerns about Christian m0rality and fears that her performance would “undermine national values”

It is understood that Zodwa had been billed to perform at an album launch later on Saturday evening, but was sent back when she landed in the morning at the Kenneth Kaunda international airport.

“I can confirm that Zodwa has been deported back to South Africa by the immigration department,” her promoter Lucky Munakampe told AFP, adding no reasons were given for her deportation.

Last week, Zambia’s religious affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili told AFP that Zodwa would not be allowed to perform in the country.

“Zambia is a Christian nation where m0rality and ethics have to be followed. We don’t expect a woman to dance without underwear,” Sumaili said.

In the same vein, the organizers of the show said in a statement earlier this week that Zambia’s National Arts Council had rejected their application.

“The Council stated that… Zodwa’s performances were not in the public interest and undermined our national values,” the statement said.

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