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#BBNaija – Day 82: Final Payporte Games, Sleeping Arrangements & More Highlights

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Did you watch day 81 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!


You’ve changed

While the rest of the Housemates were turning down for the night and getting ready for bed, Nina and Miracle were engrossed in a fight that had them both declaring “I’m not happy”. The cause of the midnight rumble, which both termed a discussion and not an argument, is Nina’s attitude towards Tobi and Alex, as well as her being, according to Miracle, a person he doesn’t recognise.

Stating his issues bluntly, Miracle revealed he was incensed at a comment Nina passed earlier, where she had called his close friends Tobi and Alex “them”. Miracle had earlier in the day spent time with Alex and Tobi in the jacuzzi, where they had discussed, amongst many other things, Nina and Cee-C.

“I don’t take sides and will not where drama is concerned seeing as it is the last week, but I’m surprised by your attitude. When did Tobi and Alex start being them?” he asked. Nina made it a point to reference how Alex and Tobi had told him she is using him to play the game and that their romance is not genuine, as a catalyst. “Since Tobi told you this, you have this mind-set that I am not real. Don’t let him fill your head with things that are not true. When we leave this House, you will find out who your real friends are,” she said, ominously.

Miracle didn’t take kindly to Nina’s remarks and warned her to never imply another man was telling him how to behave. “If you’re saying Tobi is filling my head, then I’ll be really angry with you. Trust me. You’re insulting me. I see you changing and that’s a fact”. Nina seemed taken aback by this attack and sniped right back, reminding him how he has also changed as the Game grinds to a halt.

The two went around in circles for a while, until Miracle cut it short and decided it would be better to speak about the issue outside the House without cameras rolling and millions of eyes watching.

Till Sleep Do us Part

If beds could talk, they would probably have a lot more to say about the Housemates they hosted throughout the season. The resting places of the Double Wahala cohort have witnessed perhaps much more than what the cameras captured. Most importantly, as holders of pillow talks and confessions, they have contributed to measuring the degree to which relationships formed and dissolved.

Arrangements between Friends

As soon as pairing happened, some Housemates were drawn to co-sleeping arrangements. Take Dee-Oneand Vandora for example, or Princess and Angel, or even Khloe and K.Brule before their Disqualification.

Blissfully Alone

Regardless of the amount of pheromones in the House, it seem as some Housemates were unwilling or unlucky in sharing the sacredness of their sleep with anyone. While some chemistry had started to form between Ifu Ennada and Bitto, both resolutely stayed in their respective single beds until their time came to an end. Ahneeka and Rico Swavey did also enjoy the comfort of rolling from one side to the other of their beds, unhindered. Yet until Khloe returned to the House to cuddle up to Rico, it is only Alex who had once co-slept with him.

If Beds Could Talk

For others, sleep has been an escape and a retreat into a safe bubble, like for Nina and Miracle or Bambamand Teddy A. Their sleep etiquette has remained constant, regardless of the events in the House. Until Leo’s Eviction, Alex and him also formed a day and night partnership, that Alex extended to Tobi too. The same could be said about Anto and Lolu, whose bond grew much tighter after she was returned to the House.

Sleep Etiquette

It was indeed Cee-C herself who when Tobi became the first Head of House, had spontaneously volunteered to share the luxury bedroom suite with him and initiated their romance. With all this, she ended up spending many more lonely nights, a combination of her acrimonious fallout with Tobi and latent general resentment towards her bickering.

What did you think of the sleep arrangements in the House?

The Final Games

When Housemates were instructed to go into the garden for the start of the final Arena games, they had no idea of the mind-blowing arrangements Biggie had made in their honour, including a one million Nairas into the bargain. Tobi, Nina, Miracle, Alex and Cee-C were as always ready to put their best foot forward for this undeniably entertaining moment, and they did not disappoint us.

On the Right Tracks

Just this once, the garden and the Arena had been totally redecorated and fitted with larger-than-life equipment, including plush thrones, monkey bars and pools which left Housemates speechless as they uncovered the settings of their last challenge. Biggie had also flipped the script as he called them to proceed by alphabetical order to the six rather intimidating challenges he had planned.

One Last Hurrah

Alex went in first, shivering in the cold evening, and after several slippery moments, was forced to concede defeat. Of all the players, she was the one who had not reached the last stage as she had run out of time. It is a highly disappointed Alex who went back to her seat and was still sobbing by the time Cee-C entered her game. Cee-C wrapped her time under the fifteen minutes Biggie had allocated each Housemate, and went back to seat looking pretty satisfied of her performance. Miracle followed and with his speed and precision scored the highest with seven minutes and thirty seconds. Nina and Tobi’s acts were also equally impressive, yet didn’t qualify them for the tantalising reward

Saving the Best for the Last

Back in their bedrooms, Housemates discovered with delight the additional surprises that Biggie still had for them. Pinned on the bedroom walls were frames of pictures of each of the Housemates captured over the previous twelve weeks. Given they had never seen their own pictures in the past three months, Housemates were elated to have received such memories of their Friday Nights adventures in the Double Wahala House they would be able to take back home.


Have you been watching? What did you think of the Day 82 activities?


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