My Thought on AY Live 2018

does something to you that it’s inexplicable. To crack a human being up and make them laugh and teary to lift their spirit and soul up is by no means an easy task.

Standing in front of hundreds and thousands in some cases takes gut, bravery, talent and confidence. Executing such a daring idea year in and out even takes a lot more. Planning, financing, creativity, ideas and consistent resolution. This is what the dynamic has been able to do for years back to back and this year’s Easter wasn’t any different.

From the red carpet to the stage, the will always create an impression but fans and fun seekers are not really into that but their minds are fixed on the delivery expected on stage. They’re here for an experience and that’s what they paid money for.
I will be sharing few key talking points from the show below:


As expected, the show will always have its Paparazzi and 2018 wasn’t different. The major theme is and from the costumes on display the organizers tried. Kaffy and her dancers did their best to choreograph a dance routine to follow the theme and also had ushers albeit few represent this concept.


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I have been to a number of shows but this gotta count as one of the lowest in terms of turn out by fans. A lot could be said to be responsible for this as economically Nigeria is not in a great shape at the moment. People really need to think twice before embarking on spending spree these days. In terms of crowd, this edition definitely doesn’t rank among the best.


In terms of star power and pull, this year definitely didn’t pull the stars in. The performances were good but not a lot of star performer. Grade A musicians didn’t come through and quite a number of big shots comedians were missing as well. This is not to rubbish those that came. They are gave a good account of themselves and delivered memorable performances. Highlight will be the performance of 2baba and Faze which was nostalgic.
Kenny Blaq, Acapella, Reekado Banks, MI, and a number of others gave the audience something special to go home with.


If there’s anything to take home from the show, it’s the stark reality that the Nigerian entertainment industry is about to face more brutal reality. The conditions outside is about to hit the one inside. In as much as there will always be an idea and concepts, the consumers will ultimately be the determining factor and as it stands, the reality of the society is beginning to have a toll on the Entertainment industry. From the countenance and disposition of the people, one can easily tell there’s lack of excitement in the land and gradually people are feeling no reason to be happy.
For an industry that thrives off the general perception of people, the AY Live 2018 was just a tip of the ice bag of what the reality is.
If things don’t turn around soon, shows will end up moving to smaller venues and ultimately brands may die.

AY Live 2018 April fool edition was a largely successful show but the warning signs are there. Even almost all the comedians centered their jokes on the harsh reality of what is now the situation of our truth. Kudos to the organizers still.


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