The Latest Male Agbada Models Will Help You Look Perfectly (Photos)

Agbada styles for guys are among the most popular traditional attires in Nigeria. Putting on such clothes, men can look great and pay tribute to their roots. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the latest models that are extremely popular in 2018.

Agbada embroidery designs

It’s a great choice if you like sophistication and finesse in clothes. Nigerian masters come up with a lot of interesting patterns. They make even clothes with the simplest cut impressive and beautiful. Threads can match the shades of the fabric or create an advantageous contrast.

Long Agbada styles for men

If you are going to an official reception or an important celebration, it is better to give preference to the maximum length. The long Agbada will perfectly reflect the importance of the event. Such outfits are often chosen by celebrities and politicians.

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Short-sleeved Agbada styles

On a particularly hot day, you can wear a light version of Agbada with short sleeves. Go to a noisy party or walk around the city with friends. Nothing will cause discomfort and hamper your movements.

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Wide shoulders

One of the interesting features of Agbada designs is the imitation of wide shoulders that is especially beneficial in Nigerian men fashion. Even if a guy has a lean physique, this traditional outfit helps to look truly majestic and fundamental.

Colors of latest Agbada designs

As for colors, modern designers are not limited to any framework. Agbada can be white, beige, gray or black if you want to look solid and are preparing for a business meeting. For a social event (wedding, birthday, any other holiday), bright colors (blue, crimson, green, etc.) may be used.

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Striped fabric has became popular in recent years. If a man has extra weight and would like to hide it, the vertical stripes visually lengthen the silhouette, make it more proportional.

After choosing the color of the attire, you must ensure that the accessories (shoes, hat, wristwatch) do not violate the overall composition. It’s better to add neutral details to bright Agbada.

Use this beautiful men native style to look stunning in any situation. There must necessarily be a long official version and several everyday models of Agbada in your closet. Keep up with the latest fashion news and do not forget about the Nigerian traditions!


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