Mother’s Day; The Good Motherhood Has Done To Me

Being a is not an easy job and there are no special training to becoming a . There are times you want to break down and cry, there are times you may wish to fall ill so you can rest -there was a time I wanted to ask for bed rest at the hospital. Lol.

As difficult and as crazy as it gets sometimes or may be most times, knowing that you are a is one of the sweetest and most satisfying feelings ever. Funny how your Baby’s smile can give you strength and make you forget all that stress.

An interesting thing I realized as a is, your baby can actually be your best friend. Having a full conversation with your little one without being judged. I mean my son listens, smiles when he thinks (or so to say) I am being funny or silly and I get no form of judgmental looks or words. Cool right?

Today being Mothers day, I would like to appreciate all Mommies for doing so well. Even though prior to being Mothers, we had little or no knowledge about the work load the title we hold entails. Happy Mother’s Day!

While I’d like to go on and on about Motherhood, I also want to talk about the good and funny ways my life has changed. So in celebration of Mothers day, here are some of the good things Motherhood has done to me.

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  • First of all and more importantly, I am somebody’s Mother; people now refer to me as “Kylian’s Mum” or call me the indigenous way “Iya Ire”. I mean how cool is that.
  • I am now responsible; before now, I was irresponsible in spending. Oh the unnecessary shopping of makeup, clothes, shoes (that I never wear) and the list goes on.
  • I have learnt to set my priorities right.
  • I now drink more water; which of course is healthy and helps in minding my business.
  • Wait for This! I can now eat noodles without pepper and not feel irritated, I can also eat and sleep without having to stay up for long hours waiting for my food to digest. This is a big deal to me!!!
  • My time management skills is top notch
  • I have a better understanding of good food and it’s nutrients.
  • I don’t get sick for long; I bounce back almost immediately unlike before that I’d deliberately extend my recovery to enjoy more care.
  • I am now more curvy; not trying to be vain but Kylian’s Dad wouldn’t stop talking about it, so yaaaaa! Lol

There you have it! The list is more but I wouldn’t want to bore you, would I?
Every Mommie has at least one good Motherhood has done to them. Kindly share your experience in the comment section below.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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