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This Is Nigeria – The Nation We Hate To Love

This is , roll your ills out and let’s talk about the bigger picture,
that has failed to gel amidst a wider mixture,
Hausa hate Igbos, Yoruba play the centre referee,
Where the government don’t care who dies in the gamble,
where they remain ever carefree.

The same education has become an option for the sane,
As those who did are still yet to see the gain,
But have gone through pangs, and seen the fangs of the pain,
No sunny days yet, getting a job needs an umbrella yet those days hardly reign.

Our country, is meant for all and Sundry,
But that woman is still waiting in that compound asking for the next laundary,
And those she toiled in the sun to vote for are still about money laundering,
Nigeria’s matter has too many issues, that only Paracetamol helps in pondering.

Oga Police, wetin be this? I’m held a victim for having a hairstyle that fits,
And he’s asking, Why did you put necklace in your teeth?
It was an instruction from the dentist,
No! Nigerian Policeman can arrest you for going to church on Sunday cos he’s a 7-Day Adventist.

This is Nigeria where the youths don’t go to school,
And are waiting for the government to do all for them,
Where a President spits words that should have ended his ambition in pits,
Not so fast, some of those youths still have a share of the tips.

Many boys still dream of using a Mercedes,
But will only do so after carrying girls who end up saying “where’s this?”
Ritualists, scam boys in the mirror but native doctors visually,
And they are all over your social handles individually.

Health system is crashing, education is crying,
Security is shaking,  innocent souls are dying
Medical doctors like petroleum are rich exports, they are flying,
Nigerians work like bisons, they are trying!

Working like a camel, eating like a lizard,
Many know protein is good but they can’t afford a gizzard,
If he makes his fingers work, now they call him a wizard,
Whose wishes can be realized with the keyboard, our streets are littered.

Shock e!! tii! Raise e!!! That’s how an average driver feeds daily,
Everyone knows the good cream but it’s cost on the skin may feel scaly,
Let my people tell their stories, youll be thankful to the stars that gave you garri,.
The search for livelihood has rendered many with scars they can’t carry.

Politics, mystics, lyrics of frolics aided by corrupt drum sticks,
We feel the pain sotey pain felt for us,
Everyone is trooping out, the Embassies are tired of questioning,
Those that should take the pressure away bring the tension in!

Man no go die, it’s only our blue-black nature that will go green.

One day we go truly grin white like WhatsApp emoji!

By Rilwan Adetayo Balogun


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  1. Anonymous says

    Captured it all, well scripted….Absolutely awesome 👏👏👏💪💪💪🙌🙌🙌. #democracyday #SameStoriesSameIssues.

  2. Temidayo says

    You captured it all, well scripted…..absolutely awesome 👏👏👏💪💪💪🙌🙌🙌 #democracyday #SamestoriesSameIssues

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