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Check Out Photo of What a Lady Got Versus What She Ordered From a Nigerian Tailor

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Fashion in Nigeria is at its highest peak and that’s thanks to many of our talented fashion designers. However, there are some Nigerian tailors that make ridiculous designs especially when a client gives them a particular design.

There have been several stories about Nigerian tailors designing the opposite of what a client requests for.

Another case of what I asked for versus what I got has occurred. A Nigerian lady identified simply as Ayomikun recently shared a photo of what a tailor designed for her versus what she got.


The lady who was displeased took to Twitter to share the photo. She stated that she doesn’t understand why Nigerian tailors refuse to say no when a client asks if they can perfectly make a design.

In regards to her question, many Nigerian tailors who confirm that they can make a particular design might do so because they actually believe they can and want to give it a try.

Others, however, just say yes because they want to make money from delivering the service. These tailors are in the majority category and they have given really bad names to good fashion designers

It could also be assumed that sometimes due to lesser charges clients tend to give their fabrics to tailors who might not be as good as they claim to be.

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