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WAEC PIN and how you can get it

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2018 results are coming out soon, so you should learn how you can get your verification PIN if you want to see them. Find out all you need to know about the PIN/scratch card you need to see the online result, including where to get it and how to use it.

What is scratch card and how can you get it?

If you want to use checker to find out your exam results, you are required to buy a scratch card that has a special PIN on it. That PIN is what allows you to use online result checker. You can use it up to five times to check your results and your results only. To check another person’s results, you are going to need a new card.

You can buy the scratch card at the National Office of WAEC Nigeria or at one of the branch offices scattered across the country. You can also find it at any Fountain Trust Bank. The cost of the scratch card is ₦450. When you have used up your five result checks, you will need to get a new card.

How to use your WAEC PIN/scratch card

So how do you use the PIN to check the results of WAEC online? Well, it is quite simple, really. According to the WAEC website, you can either use it to access your results on WAEC website or to get a text message.

If you want to use the website to check your results, go to www.waecdirect.org, and on the left side of the screen you will see a panel, where you need to input your Examination Number, Examination Year, Card Serial Number and Pin, and select the type of Examination. Once you do that, click ‘Submit’, and you should be able to see the results window.

If you want to get a text with your results, send WAEC*ExamNumber*PIN*ExamYear as SMS to 32327. For instance, WAEC*5647382546*564735465768*2018. There should be no spaces in between the numbers. After you send this message, the results should be delivered to you via an SMS. The cost of sending a text to 32327 is ₦30.

And that is how you acquire WAEC verification PIN. We do not advise you using any unofficial third-party services that offer you to buy PINs or verify your results. Consult the official WAEC website for more information.


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