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See Some Awkward-looking Keke NAPEP Spotted On The Road (Photos)

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These are some strange-looking tricycles spotted on the road at different occasions used in conveying people from one place to another. 

In Nigeria, they are popularly referred to as “Keke Marwa” or “Keke NAPEP“.

These three-wheel vehicles or “tricycles” are typically known for a generic design or outlook.

However, we sometimes come across them on the road appearing awkward. These set of tricycles stand out from the rest by their unusual outlook tbrought about by their redesign, reinforcement, tune-up, bizzare paint job, etc.

Some of them have even been used to oppose the norm. For instance, by being used as wedding ceremony vehicles, police patrol vehicles, ambulance, etc.

Anyway, no matter how the appear, they are still our Keke Marwa or Keke NAPEP.

Autojosh presents, “Some Awkward-Looking Keke NAPEP Spotted On The Road”:


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