Couple Post Their Own Sex Video On Porn Site, Reveal Why They Did So


Couple Post Their Own Sex Video On P0rn Site Then This Happened (Photos)

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Couple Post Their Own Sex Video On P0rn Site, Reveal Why They Did So

A couple who share videos of themselves having sex say the experience has made their relationship stronger.

Fernanda Vasconcelos and Walter Gutierrez have built an online following of fans on a website where lovers can post clips of “real-world” sex.

They say the user-generated video-sharing platform, Make Love Not P0rn, fights all the misconceptions of the typical X-rated clips all over the internet.

The couple have told how the experience has helped to get them through personal trauma and bring them closer together.

Walter said: “It’s to show real people having real-world sex and fighting all the misconceptions that come from P0rn.”


Fernanda, who is known online as Efi, added: “It’s like this sex utopia where people don’t have taboos or boundaries or walls in front of them. It’s just real people having fun, being themselves, and just making the most of it.

“I like to turn to the camera now and then between the filming to make the ones that end up watching the videos involved in it.

“We even plan it like, ‘Oh, maybe you can put on these and we can do it on the sofa or we can make it like a really cool spot on the floor, or the window’.”

The couple, from Mexico City, have been together 11 years, and while friends and bosses know about their online exploits, they are yet to reveal it to their religious parents.


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