I Was Poisoned While I Was A Child – Tony Tetuila


I Was Poisoned While I Was A Child – Tony Tetuila

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Singer has revealed just how much he loves his mother and how close they were.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, the veteran who recently lost his mum said;

God just wants me to be alive till date and that is why I did not die when I was a kid. I was poisoned as a kid and after that, I had leg injury. Who knows maybe they wanted me to become a cripple but God did not allow their wish to come to pass. When my mother told me the story, she said that there was a time I could not walk and I had to crawl on the floor with my chest just to move.

“My mother said all of a sudden, I stood up again. She told me that she always knew I was going to be known all over the world. She said that was why I was attacked as a child. I forgive whoever disturbed me when I was young. I had since forgiven them. I thank God and my mother for the gift of life.


“My early days were rough even though I am from a fairly comfortable family. However, no matter how wonderful your background is, once you are from a polygamous home, there is really nothing you can do. I just believe that my being alive today and what I eventually turned out to be in the society is destined by God. There were people that were richer than my father but they eventually lost their lives, however, I just believe everything was destined by God. Regardless of how holy you act or seem, there are still some people that would say bad things about you but I have learnt how to turn the bad things people say about me into prayer.”

On his experience growing up in a polygamous home, he has vowed never to venture into polygamy. “I can never marry two wives. I cannot have a child outside of my marriage. I have a wife and three children. I have admirers who compliment me every time I step out but I make sure I do not get carried away because two wives equal more problems. Two wives, two troubles; there are girls that would admire you but do not allow that to get into your head or else you lose your respect,” he said.

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