Angry Old Man Prevents Randy Couple From Having Sex On A Train


If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them!! See What This Old Man Did To Couple Having Sex On A Train (Photos)

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Angry Old Man Prevents Randy Couple From Having Sex On A Train

A randy couple attempting to have sex on a train were stopped by a furious pensioner. The bizarre incident took place on the underground train in Moscow, Russia, and saw the couple laying across the seats of a busy carriage.

The woman, dressed in a short black dress, clambers across her partner and begins unbuttoning the man’s trousers.

The man has a bottle of what looks like alcohol in his hand and the woman appears to be drunk as she tries to mount her partner.

The woman manages to get on top of the man and begins pulling his trousers down when an elderly man with a book in his hand gets up and taps her.


The man says something to the woman that enrages her and she lashes out at the elderly man before shouting at him.

The couple then sit up as the woman continues shouting at the pensioner before she gets to her feet and aims a kick at the man.

It is unclear if the couple in the video will be fined for their behaviour.


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