Police Called As Nigerians Storm Abuja House In London To Protest Against Buhari

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Nigerians Attacks President Buhari in Abuja House In London (Photos)

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Police Called As Nigerians Storm Abuja House In London To Protest Against

Just two days after some members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (IPOB), stormed the Abuja House in London to protest against president Muhammadu Buhari, another set of protesting Nigerians have gathered again at the presidential abode for the same reason.

President Buhari is currently on a 10-working day vacation in London..

The latest protest by Nigerians happened few hours ago as the police were called to control the situation.

According to one of the protesters who did a live video on Facebook, they explained to the police about their intention of the protest which they say is against the president coming to the United Kingdom for medical treatment anytime he’s sick.

The protesters said that the president should go back to his country and develop it because it’s only developed countries that have quality medical facilities..


The London police allowed the protesters to continue with their demonstration as they warned them to do it peacefully.

The protesters also brought pictures showing the poor conditions of Nigerian health system which they presented in front of the Abuja House. They said the president should be using the local hospitals he is offering to other Nigerians. They said, ‘Go back home and use everything you provided for Nigerians’.

While the protest was going on, a vehicle which was said to be conveying the president, left the Abuja House without uttering a word to them.

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