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List Of Universities In Ogun State And Their Fees

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List Of Universities In Ogun State And Their Fees

List Of Universities In Ogun State And Their Fees – If you have been looking for a list of universities in Ogun State, look no further. In this article, we have compiled a list of all of the universities both public and private from the state, as well as information about them and their fees.

List of public Ogun State universities

For some reason, Ogun State does not have that many public universities. Here is the short list:

Olabisi Onabanjo University

  • Opened in: 1982
  • Where to find it: Ago-Iwoye, Ago
  • Phone no.: 0805-560-6475
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: oouagoiwoye.edu.ng

Formerly known as Ogun State University, this is one of the three universities in Ogun State that are not private. Fees here range from ₦73,000 to ₦176,000, where the lowest fee is for Education and the highest is for Medicine.

Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta

  • Opened in: 1998
  • Where to find it: Mawuko Village, Abeokuta
  • Site: www.unaab.edu.ng

It is significantly cheaper to study at FUNAAB than at OOU, as you only have to dish out ₦32,000 to ₦42,000 for your education there.

Tai Solarin University of Education

  • Opened in 2005
  • Where to find it: Ijebu-Ode
  • Phone no.: 0805-706-4873
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: tasued.edu.ng

If you want to study at TASUED, you will have to pay ₦66,500 for school fees, as well as ₦40,000 for hostel and ₦30,000 acceptance fee.

List of private universities in Ogun State

Now, when it comes to private universities, there is a wide range of options to choose from. We will only mention average school fees; you can find detailed breakdowns on the universities’ websites. Without further ado, here is the list:

Babcock University

  • Opened in: 1999
  • Where to find it: Ilisan-Remo
  • Phone no.: 0703-5556-536
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: babcock.edu.ng

Fees at Babcock have a very wide range, depending on the programme. You will have to pay from ₦217,830 to ₦568,807, or even as much as ₦992,300 if you want to study Law. And these are only school fees, not including other charges.

Bells University of Technology

  • Opened in: 2005
  • Where to find it: Km 8, Idiroko Rd., Benja Village, Ota
  • Phone no.: 0708-7138-753
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: www.bellsuniversity.edu.ng

At Bells University, you’ll need to pay an average of ₦543,000 to ₦643,000 on average (all fees included). However, as their website is barely functional, it would be much easier to search for the full breakdown via Google.

Chrisland University

  • Opened in: 2015
  • Where to find it: Abeokuta Campus, Ajebo Rd., Owode, Abeokuta
  • Phone no.: 0813-2663-928 or 0815-1942-100
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: chrislanduniversity.edu.ng

If you want to study at Chrisland University, you will have to dish out ₦405,000 to ₦450,000 without extra fees or from ₦535,000 to ₦580,00 with all the fees.

Christopher University

  • Opened in: 2015
  • Where to find it: Km 34, Lagos-Ibadan Expy, Ibokun Aro, Mowe
  • Phone no.: 0808-730-9304
  • Mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Site: christopheruniversity.edu.ng

At Christopher University, the fee for 100 level students is ₦450,000, and JUPEB – ₦400,000. You can find more information on the university’s website.

Covenant University

  • Opened in: 2002
  • Where to find it: Canaan Land, Km 10, Idiroko Rd., Ota
  • Phone no.: 0903-355-0046 or 0903-355-0049
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: covenantuniversity.edu.ng

The average fee for Covenant University ranges from ₦817,000 and ₦882,000.

Crawford University

  • Opened in: 2005
  • Where to find it: Faith-City, Km 8, Atan-Agbara Rd., Igbesa
  • Phone no.: 0806-047-9345
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: crawforduniversity.edu.ng

The fees at Crawford University range from ₦401,000 (JUPEB) to ₦491,000 for undergraduate students.

Hallmark University

  • Opened in: 2015
  • Where to find it: Km 65, Shagamu Ore Expy, Ijebu-Itele
  • Phone no.: 0815-1044-404, 0802-1217-616 or 0803-4098-174
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: hallmark.edu.ng

At Hallmark University, the fees range from ₦400,000 (Management and Social Sciences) to ₦430,000 (Natural and Applied Sciences).

McPherson University

  • Opened in: 2012
  • Where to find it: Km 96, Lagos-Ibadan Express way, Seriki-Sotayo
  • Phone no.: 0803-4234-432 or 0805-5246-937
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: mcu.edu.ng

MCU school fees is from ₦225,000 to ₦595,000 depending on your course of study.

Mountain Top University

  • Opened in: 2015
  • Where to find it: Prayer City, Km 12, Lagos-Ibadan Expy
  • Phone no.: 0803-9505-596, 0703-9395-024 or 0805-3457-707
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: mtu.edu.ng

Education at MTU will cost you from ₦450,000 to ₦528,000.

Redeemer’s University

  • Opened in: 2005
  • Where to find it: Gbongan-Oshogbo Rd., Ede
  • Phone no.: 01-7660-174 or 01-7660-175
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: run.edu.ng

The fees at RUN are from ₦395,000 to ₦690,000 (without extra fees) or from ₦553,000 to ₦848,000 (with extra fees).

Southwestern University

  • Opened in: 2012
  • Where to find it: Km 20, Sagamu-Benin Expy, Okun Owa, Ijebu Ode
  • Phone no.: 0802-086-0298
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • Site: southwesternuniversity.edu.ng

Education at Southwestern University will cost you from ₦300,000 for 100 level to ₦435,000 for 200/300 level (accommodation fee of ₦50,000 included).

As you can see, studying in Ogun State is not that cheap if you cannot get into one of the public universities. So study hard and do your best to get admitted into the university of your dreams.


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