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Wizkid To Name An Album After His 3rd Child, ‘Zion’ As He Warns Against Money-Hungry Hoes

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has taken to his twitter account to to celebrate his baby mama Jada for giving him his last son Zion.

The singer also hinted that he would be working on an album very soon and he would be dedicating it to his third son, Zion.

All this came up after he was called out by his babymamas, Sola and Binta and accused for being a deadbeat father for not supporting them in catering for his other 2 sons.

The singer made this known on the platform as he warns against money-hungry hoes (i.e his Sola and Binta), exempting Jada, the mother of his son, Zion.




! Next project “Zion” !! Ready to go”

“Waking up next to him every morning brings me Joy. thank u Jada!

Zion was right by my side to show me all the love and support i need!”


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