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You are a Prisoner if you work for Salary & spend your Life in your Office Cubicle Prison – Reno Omokri

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has been on the forefront urging Nigerian youths to get their own businesses. In his Nugget today, he called out people, who work for others and clearly stated they are in prison.

He said their office cubicles are the same and even worse than prison, as prisoners will be released but they will not gain freedom.

“Being trapped in a cubicle is imprisonment no matter how big a salary you are paid to stay in the box. God didn’t create you to spend your life in a cubicle. Don’t live your life in a box. Get your own business. Start with a side hustle. Grow it, then fire your boss.

You think you are better than prisoners? At least prisoners serve their term and are set free from their cubicle. But you‘ve been deceived by salary to think you are free while you spend your life in your office cubicle prison. Free yourself. Start your own business” he tweeted.


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