Father Fakes Son’s Death, Replaces Body With Log Of Wood (Photos)

It is a common saying that nothing is new under the sun, and some occurrences make the statement ring true more than ever.

Most Africans being very superstitious people do not wish for death and also don’t take things concerning dying lightly.

In spite of that, a Zambian man, identified as Kafeero, faked the death of his son to the surprise of people.

According to a post shared on a Facebook page, The New Vision, the father announced the death of his son, identified as Junior, and residents gathered to mourn the loss as is the custom.

Things started to take another turn when they asked to see the body of the dead child so as to pay their final respects, but were met with reluctance.

The coffin was forced open and a log of wood was found inside. The angry mob tried to descend on Kafeero but were stopped by the timely intervention of the police.

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The reason behind the whole hoax is still a mystery as people wondered what Kafeero stands to gain by faking his son’s death.

Father fakes son’s death, ‘log’ found inside the coffin #VisionUpdatesDrama ensued at Lusaaka, Kalisiizo Kyotera…

Gepostet von The New Vision am Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2018

Nawa o.

The police are currently investigating the mysterious death of a 32-year-old Nigerian man, Gabriel Segun Ajayi.

Ajayi reportedly died on Monday, October 15, at a nightclub. His wife, Natalia explained to the police that her husband suffered a massive heart attack.

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