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Good Samaritan In Trouble After Returning The ₦600K Mistakenly Sent To Him

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A Nigerian stylist who revealed how he returned N600,000 mistakenly credited to his account by an old client’s husband, has been threatened with a lawsuit.

The couple involved say in a bid to share his story, he shared their details online, thereby putting them at risk.

They told him to take down the story and photos or face a lawsuit.

He took to Instagram to share the chats again.

He wrote:

Here is the conversation between the owner of the 600k and myself. He is accusing me of revealing his details- phone number and account number which I carefully blotted out in the first picture that went viral.

The image showing on the chat is so invisible as to be connected to anybody dead or alive. I did inform the wife but there was no response from her. I still don’t regret my actions of refunding the money. How UNGRATEFUL a living being could be. I was going to let this saga die down but the fact that he’s threatening me with the law for doing the right thing.
What audacity!

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Comments (1)
  1. cooks

    7th October 2018 at 2:29 pm

    Most u post everything that happen online…I don’t even see why u post this in the 1st place yes u help them fine that should be personal to u and not to us.


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