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Top 5 famous Nigerian paintings: No.3 Painting Is Genesis To Disaster In Nigeria (Photos)

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Top 5 famous Nigerian paintings

Here we prepared for you leading 5 Nigerian paintings. These are extremely well-known examples of high level of art in the nation. The creators of these arts are worldwide recognized painters with special designs.

Top 5 Nigerian art paintings

  • Tutu by Ben Enwonwu

This painting was even called “African Mona Lisa.” This Nigerian art work is a portrait of Adetutu “Tutu” Ademiluyi, she was a Yoruba princess, the work was painted in 1973. The painting was lost in 1975, and after 40 years of absence it was rediscovered.

Ben Enwonwu (14 July 1917 – 5 February 1994) created many other masterpieces, the most famous among them: Bronze sculpture of Queen Elizabeth II, Sango: the Yoruba god of lightning and thunder, Risen Christ. He was named the most influential African artist of the 20th century.

  • Ankara na-nma by Clement Mmaduako Nwafor

One more example of famous Nigerian paintings is the work of a self-taught artist that has become known in the world for his realistic style. The painter is from Enugu State, he works in impressionistic-realism style. The colors and shades of his works made him famous in the world of modern art.

The painting “Ankara na-nma” is very realistic, and it is especially highlighted by the colorful fabrics painted with scrupulousness. The work was painted in 2016 and brought the painter many art awards including 1st position of the 5th National Visual Arts Competition in Nigeria.

  • Adam and Eve by Aina Onobulu

The painting is one of the examples of Nigerian modern art movement, it was painted in 1954. The work was sold in 2011 for £21600. Aina Onabolu (1882-1963) was a pioneer of modern art in the country. This oil painting has become one of the symbols of new art in Nigeria.

  • Paintings by Jimoh Buraimoh

The painter is known for his style that was influenced by Yoruba traditions. It is hard to highlight one painting among all his works because all of them are unique and at the same time they keep one style. Jimoh’s works are recognized innovation in contemporary Nigerian art. The works of this painter are popular among both African and worldwide collectors. The painting is valued for up to £ 8000.

  • Motion in Blue by Sam Ebohon

The picture is an example of modern, stylish Nigerian art, it was painted in 2015. Here we can see vivid colors and composition style that made Sam Ebohon famous as one of the treasures of Nigerian art. High level of professionalism of the painter was recognized worldwide, and this painting is a bright example of Sam’s style.

These Nigerian art paintings are well known in the world. Today we can see a boom in art development of the country. Contemporary Nigerian artists are recognized at the worldwide art scene. New names, exhibitions, galleries, and masterpieces – all this is evidence that Nigerian art has a great future.

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