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Which City Is The Most Populated City In Africa? (See Top 5 List )

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Which City Is The Most Populated City In Africa

Which is the most populated city in Africa? Who won the top place in 2018? If you like the environment of a rapidly growing city with its vibes and buzz, begin packing your travel suitcases! But initially, learn the location and 10 intriguing truths about it!

Most populated city in Africa nowadays

Africa is the second continent of the world with the high population density. Its countries are characterized as the developing areas, the number of inhabitants in which continuously increases and expands.

The progress in the industrial large cities attracts thousands of people, who wish to get rid of poverty. This process makes them move and form the demand within consumer relations. Such urban areas are the engine of every big country on the continent.

What’s the most populated city in Africa in 2018?

Population density is the factor, which stimulates changes and further reforms within both levels economic and social. Population density is defined as an average number of people, living in each segment of a specific area (such as square mile).

The highest population in Africa is in Nigeria with almost 196 million people. The city of Lagos is the most populated city in entire Africa.

By 2018 the number of people, living and working in Lagos has reached 21 million according to lasucomputerscience.com. While worldpopulationreview.com reports another figure, and it is 9 million people. Britannica claims that according to estimations of 2015, the population of Lagos was 13,340,000, the website that provides the latest estimations concerning the population of all cities in the world population.city reports that the population of Lagos in 2018 is 15,457,735.

It is a challenging task to name the exact number of people living in Lagos this year because the last official census was in 2006. However, it is obvious that Lagos can be called the most populated city on the continent.

Lagos is the heart of Nigeria’s economy, set along the Atlantic Ocean. The economic growth of Lagos is defined not by oil (as it happens in other states), but thanks to such factors as:

  • wholesale
  • manufacturing
  • catering services
  • transportation facilities
  • construction
  • the work of retail sectors

The top 5 most populated cities in Africa

  1. Lagos, Nigeria (15,457,735)
  2. Kinshasa, Dr Congo (11,855,000)
  3. Cairo, Egypt (8,777,928)
  4. Alexandria, Egypt (5,096,187)
  5. Abidjan, Ivory Coast (4,395,243)

10 things you didn’t know about Lagos!

Aside being the most populated city on the continent, Lagos also is:

  1. The birthplace of music styles. Lagos is famous for its diverse culture and vibrant nightlife.
  2. The place of residence of millionaires. Lagos takes the third place in the ranking of number of individuals, whose income exceeds $30 million.
  3. One of “The world’s 10 most populated cities”. In world rating, Lagos takes the 4th place due to the increased population density. It is formed mostly by annual fertility and migration.
  4. “As busy as a bee”. Lagos boasts of housing one of the busiest ports on the continent.
  5. “The melting pot” of black culture. Many African cultures are concentrated in Lagos. It is also an important place for black cultural identity, reflected through such festivals like Promote African culture, Festac Food Fair, Lagos Black Heritage Carnival, etc.
  6. Lagos is the smallest state with the largest population in Nigeria.
  7. The city is Nigeria’s most cosmopolitan city. It was the capital of Nigeria by December 12, 1991.
  8. It is the only state with yellow taxi cabs and buses.
  9. Lagos is the centre of the Nigerian Movie Industry.
  10. It is the place of a regular canopy walk in Africa. Lagos also provides the best nightlife entertainment.

Lagos is a lively city with abundance of natural beauty, wealth, modern comfort and glamour. It is so dynamic that one could hardly stop exciting something new each minute: Plenty of entertainment facilities are offered to you round the clock! Lagos is the city of opportunities, but you should remember that the doors do not open if you got no plan: to become rich you have to work a lot harder!



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