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Woman Alleging Cristiano Ronaldo [email protected] Her Was Suicidal After Assault

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The woman who has filed a lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo was suicidal in the wake of her alleged sexual assault at the hands of the soccer star.

Lawyers for appeared at a press conference on Wednesday in which they revealed that they were retained by their client in 2017 after Der Spiegel approached her to do a story when they received copies of her 2010 settlement with Ronaldo.

After learning she was suicidal and had been abusing alcohol, the team of lawyers sent her to a board-certified psychiatrist who diagnosed her with PTSD and major depression.

The psychiatrist also determined that Mayorga was incompetent to participate in the signing of a settlement and non-disclosure in 2010 as a result of these conditions.

Furthermore, the lawyers confirmed what a Los Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer told DailyMail.com last week when they stated that an investigation into Ronaldo began back in August.

That investigation got underway after the lawyers provided authorities with a copy of the 2010 settlement and a questionnaire that Ronaldo filled out for his team.

Those documents may be released next week.

A member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department told DailyMail.com that Mayorga would not tell police the name of the man she alleged held her down and sodomized her in 2009 when she was filing her incident report.

She also declined to give a suspect description or provide the location of the alleged assault according to the officer.

Those claims were confirmed in the police report for the incident as well, which was obtained by DailyMail.com.

That report shows that Mayorga also would not give her last name when she called to report the [email protected], was crying and had not showered prior to having a [email protected] kit done approximately 10 hours after the alleged assault.


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