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Does Olamide Have A Private Jet?

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Many fans of one of the highest paid Nigerian musician wonder if the rumors about private jet are true or just someone’s suggestions. How rich is this superstar? Did buy a private jet or not? Let us find the answers to these interesting and often asked questions.

is a famous name in Nigeria. His real name is Adedeji, and being just 29 years old he is already popular and rich. Many fans of this artist who wonder about the private jet of prefer calling their idol BaddoSneh or simply Baddo. His hip-hop music, album releases, and stage performances have made him one of the highest paid Nigerian musicians. Based on the information from buzznigeria.com, charges approximately 4 million Naira per concert. He performs on stage nearly every week, and this is how he makes his money.

According to mbhmagazine.com, BaddoSneh’s net worth is over 12 million U.S. dollars. Is this enough money for Olamide jet to be real? Let us check the musician’s Instagram account with over 4 million followers and see if he shares any photos of the possible private jet of Olamide in 2018.

Does Olamide have a private jet?

The multiple winner of The Headies and Nigeria Entertainment Awards can most likely afford to get a private jet. At least, this is what many of his fans believe and want to be real. It is not surprising these days when many superstars of the 21st century choose to buy a private jet to quickly move from one country to another one for concerts, performances, conferences, etc.

Did Olamide buy private jet? There is no confirmation for this rumor. There were images shared on the web where the popular Yoruba hip-hop singer and rapper looks like flying on the jet, but he has never said anything about purchasing one for himself and never confirmed all the numerous rumors about being an owner of a private jet.

You could have thought that Olamide would buy a private jet too. However, it looks like the singer who tops different music charts all across Nigeria and has millions of U.S. dollars on his account does not have a private jet. At least, we haven’t found any confirmation for this fact. It might be just a rumor that was based on the photos shared on the Internet.

There was a song by Olamide and Phyno with the line saying ‘na private jet remain for me’ and even though this line does not confirm that the singer has one, it could be possible that one day he might afford a jet. We are sure that the evidence of such a purchase will be posted on his Instagram account.

We have answered the question, ‘Does Olamide have a private jet?’ This impressive hip-hop rapper keeps presenting new songs and has been nominated for many different awards in 2018. We hope that soon we will see on the Instagram account of the singer new photos of Olamide near his private jet.



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