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Love Poems For Your Boyfriend From The Heart

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Use these love poems for your boyfriend from the heart as a cute message or as a beautiful decoration of your Facebook page. Everyone will love it! If you don’t know how to express your feelings in a right way, in order to make him smile, use our help!

Romantic poems for your boyfriend

Forever And Always by Mercedes

You are the sun that shines brightly throughout my day.

You are the gravity that holds me down in every way.

You are the moon that shimmers throughout my night.

You are stars that glimmer oh so bright.

You are the oxygen that keeps me alive.

You are my heart that beats inside.

You are the blood that flows through me.

You are the only guy I can see.

You have the voice of when a mockingbird sings.

You are my everything.

You are my one and only.

You stop me from being so lonely.

We plan our future as if we have a clue.

I never want to lose you.

I want you to be my husband, and I want to be your wife.

I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

Love Me by Samantha A. Kemmerer

One thing I ask of you…

Love me for who I am

and be true.

Love me as a fish loves the sea,

how the bird loves to sing.

Love me as a bee loves its honey,

as an angel love his wings.

Love me and hold me tight

as you tell me everything is all right.

Love me and guard me with all your might

as you hold me near at night.

Love me as I lay a kiss upon your lips,

as the heart in my chest flips.


My Promise To My Soldier by Danielle Mia

My Promise to My Soldier

I promise to be there for you always

Whenever you need a helping hand

I promise to think about you daily

Wherever you are in the world

I promise to never let you down

No matter what we go through

I promise to keep you in my prayers

So that God may keep you safe

I promise to be here when you return

I will be there waiting

I promise to be your support

When you need it most

I promise to help you through the tough times

Even though it will hurt me

I promise to be here for you when you are in pain

Even though it will pain me too

I promise to support you in any decisions you may make

No matter what they are

I promise to be there for you when decisions need to be made

Even though it will kill me to watch you leave

I promise I will be there to say goodbye

When you leave on your excursions

I promise to be there to say hello again

When you return home to me

I promise to love you forever and eternally

No matter what happens or where life takes us

I promise to be loyal to you while you are deployed

Because I know that you will be loyal to me

I promise that no matter where life takes me

It will never take me away from you

I promise to be here forever and always

Trustworthy and in love

Forever and always

I promise.

I Know You by Katie

When I first met you,

I felt like I had known you forever,

telling you my secrets

and what I didn’t want ever.

You listened to me.

I bet you thought I’d never end.

Who would have thought

we would become more than just friends?

Over a period of time

I got to know the real you.

A boy, so caring and gentle,

with a heart so true.

You’ve survived your life

with hurt and loneliness by your side.

I told you I’d never leave

because of the feelings I have inside.

I know you

like no one I have ever known,

and sometimes I wonder

what I’d do if you were gone?

So I have decided

time answers all.

If it is meant to be,

time will remove the wall.

I love the way we are together.

You can always make me smile.

Will it ever really be forever?

I guess I will have to wait a while.

Time will reveal what lies ahead,

but always remember

what I have said.

Meeting you has changed my life,

and I really love you so.

The feelings I feel for you,

I am never letting go.

Remember me always

and I will, too.

I always think of

me and you.


My Promise To You by Emily Thurston

I promise to always lift you up

When you are feeling down.

I promise to wipe your tears

When you feel you need to cry.

I promise to keep you smiling

To show off that beautiful smile you have.

I promise to be your strength

Whenever you fall weak.

I promise to be your voice

When you can’t find the words.

I promise to be your eyes

When you cannot see.

I promise to be your ears

When you cannot hear.

I promise to always tell you what’s real

When you want to hear the truth.

I promise to be your dream catcher

To chase away your every fear.

I promise to be your smile

When you’re frowning.

I promise to always cheer you up

When you are down and blue.

I promise to give you faith

When you are feeling insecure.

I promise to keep you sturdy

When you are feeling unsafe.

I promise to listen

When you need to talk.

I promise to tell you no lies,

Just what is true.

I promise to always lend you my shoulder

For when you need to cry.

I promise to always hold you

When you need someone.

I promise to always care for you.

Wherever you are, I promise to always be there.

I promise to never hurt you and never break your heart.

I can’t promise you the world.

I can’t promise you the sky.

I can’t promise you that we will never fight.

I can’t promise you that I will never cry,

But I can promise you that I will always be true to you,

And baby, I promise that I will always love you more than anything

With all my heart.

No matter what happens or what we go through.

I’ll love you until the end of time!

I’ll be your guardian angel.

That’s my promise to you!


Thinking Of You by Katie

I thought of you today, but that’s nothing new

I thought about you yesterday and the day before that too

for every day, good or bad, you’ll always be in my head

I hope you’ve understood everything I’ve said

this isn’t just a joke or a silly lie

I’d never do anything to make you wanna cry

I’m sorry if I do something to make you really mad

it only comes back and makes me really sad

I really do love you and everything you are

I hope this relationship gets really far

I’ll never get you out; I simply don’t know how

in fact I’m thinking of you right about now

you’re everything I need and everything to me

you know exactly who you are and what you want to be

you always make me smile just by being there

I hope you know how much I really do care

every time I think of you my stomach seems to twist

This is why I love you, I’ve made a huge list

the list goes on forever and never will it end

neither will our relationship; you’ll always be my friend

not just a simple friend but a special friend, at that

I want to spend my whole life with you

The Way You Make Me Feel by Robin

You’ve hurt me so many times,

And you didn’t even know.

Crossing all the lines

When my feelings started to show.

And when I’m hurt

And I really need you,

You just sit there, clueless,

And you don’t know what to do.

And I know that you can’t help it,

And I see you’re giving it your all,

Yet when I need you the most,

You’d easily let me fall.

You’re my everything.

I’m your second place.

You always put yourself first.

Darling, I can read that off of your face.

Never felt like I was good enough,

And you didn’t make that feeling go away,

So here I am, obsessing over it,

Still happens every day.

How can I get through to you?

What do I have to do to make you understand?

I love you very much and don’t want to let go,

Won’t you finally give me your hand?

Or when will I learn

It isn’t going to get better?

Maybe I should just give up

And write you my farewell letter.

But you know I can’t.

Did you like our list of nice poems for your boyfriend? Which one did you choose for your beloved man? Be sure you’ve chosen the best of our love poems to make him proud that you’re his girlfriend!


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