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Rapper Young Thug Has Been Thrown In Jail

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is spending some time in jail after failing a court-ordered piss test.

Thugger was arraigned this morning in Georgia on the eight felonies he caught for a 2017 traffic stop, including drug dealing.  When the presiding judge learned that he had failed his last drug test, he revoked Thug’s bail and sent him right to jail.

Thug had also been arrested this summer in Los Angeles on gun charges. Prosecutors in Georgia had tried to persuade the judge to revokes his bail after that happened but were rebuffed. However, now Thug’s gone too far with his dirty urine.

In addition to all of that,  the  Cobb County’s Georgia’s District Attorney is currently considering whether to charge Thug and Birdman in the 2015 shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus.

It’s certainly time for Thug’s lawyers to make their money.


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