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Man shares touching photos of a kid going through child-labour and abuse in Abuja

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A Facebook user identified as, just shared photos of a child who is a victim of wicked step-mother.

Sharing the pictures, he wrote;

Please, we should value and respect our kids and those we are parenting, even though they aren’t your biological children,They mean alot to us and deserve to be treated and nutured with care.Not to be given such hefty loads at such a tender age😒😒

I wept seeing this little boy this morning staggering in pains carrying this hefty loads,i inquired from 2-3 persons and was told he carries that often,most times he gets assisted by people who feel pity,he doesn’t go to school,his mother is late and his step-mother is wicked! Planning something for this lil boy😞

See photos below;




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