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WATCH: Eminem Calls Out Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber And More In Epic 11-Minute “Kick Off Freestyle”

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Calls Out , And More In Epic 11-Minute “Kick Off Freestyle”

 on Friday, December 1, released an 11-minute freestyle that name-drops , Reese Witherspoon, , Jada Pinkett Smith, Laci Peterson, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and more.

produced Bodied, a new battle-rap satire from famous music video director Joseph Kahn, and he tweeted, “The release of BODIED has me feeling nostalgic about battle rap so I headed down to my old stomping grounds.”

The freestyle, called “Kick Off,” was recorded live at the Shelter at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit.

“I’ve always looked at battle rap as competition or war,” Eminem begins. “And the main objective is to destroy, complete F.uckin’ obliterate your opponent, by saying anything and everything, whatever the F.uck you can, to get a reaction from the crowd. So nothing’s off limits.”

He goes on to reference the Manchester bombing in the first verse: “Seeing sing her last song of the evening/ And as the audience from the damn concert is leaving, detonates the device strapped to his abdominal region/ I’m not gonna finish that for obvious reasons.”

The verse also depicts as a Catholic school boy selling drugs in secret. “ in a Catholic school selling dust and reefer when your back is to him,” Em raps. “Don’t adjust your speaker / I’ll cuss the stripes off a F.uckin’ zebra when I’m at the zoo.”

Watch video below:


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