Goalkeeper Attacks Referee After His Last-minute Equaliser Was Cancelled (Photos)

A goalkeeper kicked a referee after the official disallowed his last-minute equaliser. The shocking incident occurred in the fifth-tier match between Manlleu and Sant Cugat in the Primera Catalana League in Spain.

Manlleu launched a free-kick into Sant Cugat’s box in extra-time with the score at 1-0 to Sant Cugat as the ball is headed back across goal and then high into the air.

Goalkeeper Ivan Gonzalez leapt into the air against his Sant Cugat counterpart and headed a dramatic equaliser before turning to wildly celebrate the equaliser.

He performed a Cristiano Ronaldo-style jump and turn at the corner flag before running back to his position.

But then referee Gerard Creus ruled out the goal because of a foul.

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Goalkeeper Gonzalez was seen begging on his knees and grabbing the referee’s foot asking for him to allow the goal.

When the official confirmed it was ruled out, Gonzalez jumped to his feet and booted the referee with full force in the back of the leg.

Creus fell to the ground as Sant Cugat players rushed to help him and Gonzalez ran away.

Speaking after the game, Manlleu presidnt Eduard Marginet told reporters: “It’s a regrettable action, I’m very sad, it’s indefensible.

“He [Gonzalez] apologised to the referee, it was the first thing he did, but he’s destroyed.”

Joan Garcia, Sant Cugat coach, said: “What happened today is shameful. The aggression is shameful and it’s shameful that we had to run to our changing rooms as if we were thieves.”

Manlleu said they would take necessary measures against the player. It is unclear if Gonzalez has been suspended.

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