Are Mikel Obi’s Brothers Also Footballers? Here Is What We Know About Them (Photos)

Who are brothers? Does he have any? This article will provide you the whole information about the most famous footballer of Nigeria. You will get news not only about him but also about his family!

Who are John Obi Mikel and his family?

He currently plays as a midfielder for Chinese club Tianjin. He is also one of the best players of the Nigeria National team. The whole name of this big superstar is John Michael Nchekwube Obinna. His father runs one of the biggest transport companies in the country.

What about siblings? Who is brother? Does he have one? What about a sister? It’s known that a famous footballer has two brothers and no sisters. The family is very close to each other.

’s older brother

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His name is Ebele Obi, he is a goalkeeper for Heartland. He does not have the same big name in football as his brother, but he has some portion of popularity. The biggest scandal of the older brother is connected with Ifeanyi Ubah billionaire owner of the Heartland.

The footballer and the owner of the FC had a fight on the field, and a lot of people saw what happened there. Ubah punched Ebele after a game, and the fight started between two famous personalities. If you think that the fight stopped on the field, then you are horribly wrong.

Their fight should have continued in the court, but the family of Ebele Obi asked to stop lawyers to press charges against the famous billionaire. Ebele had plans to sue Ubah for 200 million Naira. He provided the information that his honor was damaged during that fight.

Nevertheless, the family meeting showed that it was not necessary to continue the court process. Therefore, the lawyers were asked to stop any charges against the famous billionaire. John Mikel Obi brother always has the support of his family!

Mikel Obi’s younger brother

Mikel Obi and his brother are very connected. They do have a lot in common. For instance, they desire to be famous, but in different spheres of business. The family knows him as Patrick Tochukwu Obi, but the world knows him just as Edgar Obi.

Who is Mikel Obi brother? Edgar Obi was signed by MMM Records! He returns to the music industry after the break. Still, for the past two years, there was not much information about him. There were just some rumors which included signing contracts with other music producers.

Mikel Obi brothers are also famous personalities. Still, they can’t reach the same level of fame as their brother. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that they are not trying! Their family is wealthy on famous personalities.

They can make their parents proud of what they do. Still, the road to fame is full of challenges. That’s the reason why they have to beat these challenges no matter the cost!

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