How Many Houses And Cars Does Victor Moses Have? Checkout His Cars And Houses (Photos)

Footballers are some of the best paid professionals in the world today. They get a lot of money on a weekly basis. That is why most successful Nigerian professional footballers playing in Europe, have a very luxurious lifestyle. Their fans are always interested in knowing how their favorite football stars live and the kind of cars they drive. For football fans of , read about house and cars here.

is one of the top Nigerian professional footballers plying his trade in Europe. He was born in Kaduna Nigeria on the 12th of December 1990. He currently plays for Chelsea Football Club. He wears the jersey number 15 for his club. He plays as a wing-back or as a winger. Most of his net worth comes from his weekly wage which according to reports is estimated at seventy-five thousand pounds (£75,000) per week. With this weekly wage, he can afford a lifestyle that anyone would want to envy.

Many stars do not like too much public attention and try to keep as much information a secret as possible. However, we have tried our best to gather as much info about the property of as possible.

Victor Moses’ house

Because Victor Moses keeps a very private life and is not so active on social media, his only house that is of public knowledge is his multi-million Naira house in Lekki, Nigeria. The purchase of the mansion was confirmed by a London based manager, Tofe Towobola. The luxurious apartment is said to be similar to Victor Moses house in London. And he bought it so that he can enjoy the same comfort he enjoys in his London house. Reports also tell the public that the house has three floors with a swimming pool, a penthouse cinema, and many gadgets installed.

Victor Moses’ car collections

Victor Moses owns a collection of luxury cars. Keep reading to find out more about the vehicles that have found their place in Victor Moses garage.

1. Ferrari 458 Italia

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The Ferrari 458 Italia is an Italian masterpiece. It is a mid-engine sports car. It is a very expensive and extremely extravagant car with a lot of hand-made parts.

2. Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a popular British car in the world of the elite. It is known for its traditional quality and high class. Aston Martin is the car rand used by James Bond, 007 agents in his movies.

3. Mercedes-Benz G Class

Victor Moses owns a Mercedes-Benz G Class also known as Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen which is a very popular brand among footballers and other celebrities. Mercedes Benz cars are produced in Germany, and this car is one of the best masterpieces of Germany’s auto manufacturing industries. Germany has a reputation of having the best automobile manufacturing industry in the world. The G-Class SUV is a mid-size four-wheel drive luxury SUV. It is one of the most reliable automobiles in the world today.

4. BMW I8

This BMW I8 is another one of Victor Moses classic cars. BMW cars are made in Germany, and they are known for being strong. The BMW I8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car. It is believed to be a better car compared to the Mercedes. So Victor Moses having possession of two quality German cars means that he has a very good understanding of quality cars.

5. Ford Edge

Ford Edge is a crossover sports utility vehicle, and it is one of Victor Moses car collection.

We hope you have learned something new from our post. As you see, football stars can afford much and they have deserved it. Victor Moses is a big pride for all Nigerians.


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