I Have Authority To Make Buhari President – Guru Maharaj Ji Tells Nigerians

Ben Ezeamalu who is the self-acclaimed Black Jesus and Living Perfect Master, Sat Ji, has said that he has the authority to make Muhammadu president in the coming election.

In an interview with Premium Times, the religious leader said although all government administrations have done well, he particularly applauded President ’s anti-corruption fight.


He said:

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“All the governments have been doing well, even the present government. The difference is that even though people are sceptical about and his administration there are two things he has initiated that one need to be happy about. One, the TSA where all government monies go to one bank, we appreciate this. Secondly, the anti-corruption drive, not only did he initiate it but he crowned it with the whistle-blower system that makes even you a journalist a millionaire. With this, compare with other governments.

“I read in the paper where the former prime minister of Britain said if the amount that had been recovered were to be stolen in UK, the whole system will have fallen. So today Buhari is actually leading all of them. The fact is that as a human being he cannot be perfect because he is not Maharaj Ji. So all he needs is our support and I’m doing that today. He has done well for the people to have respect for the rule of law even though there are cases here and there but, of course, the opposition must be there to pinpoint these things so as to stimulate ultimate growth.”


Maharaji Ji, however, said he will not hesitate to tell Buhari the truth the same way he was constantly advising Goodluck Jonathan in the past.

He said:

“Tomorrow, let Buhari react negatively I will tell him off in the papers everybody will hear. No you can’t get there, I have the authority to put you there as president.

“Look, last year I was talking about making an Igbo man president. Ikedife (the late former president of Ohaneze Ndigbo), we had a meeting. I don’t know what they discussed, they made him to write a rebuttal in the newspapers, he didn’t know that they want to trap him. Within six months, papa has changed body.”

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