See The Official Tracklist For ‘African Giant’ Album By Burna Boy (Photo)

over a year after his magnum opus shook the Nigerian music industry, is ready to drop a new album, which he has unsurprisingly titled African Giant.

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only recently adopted the ‘African Giant‘ title. Upon seeing the font size of his name on the Coachella bill,  went on a rather misguided rant, demanding that his name be in a larger font because he is an “African Giant”.

As a result, Burna fast became the brunt of many jokes on social media — with fans and critics alike trolling the star for his clear misunderstanding of the way Festival lineups work — but Burna Boy is taking ownership of this self-awarded decoration.


I’ll just leave this here. #africangiantthealbum 🦍🚀 out on Friday

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I’ll just leave this here. #africangiantthealbum 🦍🚀 out on Friday

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