Best Rates For eBay Gift Cards! (Tested & Trusted)

Best Rates for eBay gift cards!

Hello, are you looking for the best place to sell your USA/UK eBay gift cards? Look no further as we have got the best deal for you.


We buy bulk and unit eBay gift cards at HIGH RATES and our payment time is instant.

There are several gift cards out there buy eBay stands out!

Why should you go for eBay cards instead of other gift cards?

1. eBay gift cards has the best rates right now.

2. No charge back on it like iTunes, Amazon etc.

3. eBay e code also has a good rate like physical cards.

4. You do not need send us a receipt of purchase before you can sell your cards.

5. We are a group of eBay specialist and that is the only thing we do, so we do it best!

6. We buy any denomination and quantity but bulk eBay attracts higher rates

7. You can check your card balance on before trading to make sure you are on a safer side.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us on WhatsApp:  08037490548.

Your cards are in safe hands with us!

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ADDITIONALLY, we also help individuals and companies process their orders on eBay and amazon websites at a cheap dollar rate of 300 to 330 per dollar depending on the volume of what you are buying.

How does this work?

So if for example you have an item you want to buy on eBay website and it cost $800 there. That is equivalent to 292,000 ($800 x 365) at normal dollar to naira rate.

But if you are using our BUY4ME services for that same item, we will only charge you as low as 240,000 ($800 x 300) for that same item of same quality and quantity that you want us to buy for you. You are saving a whole 52k when we help you order!

The simple summary is that, you get your items at cheaper  dollar rates compared to when you use your Nigerian cards to buy.

When we order for you, you do not need to worry about custom charges as we handled everything until the item is delivered to you in Nigeria.

How and when do you get your package?

This is a very important question and we feel it’s only important that we answer it before you ask us!

Basically when we place an order for you, the delivery time to Nigeria is 2 weeks. The item will be available for pick up with our Lagos representative. If you live outside Lagos, we will help you send to your preferred location.

How much does it cost to ship with us?

Cost of shipping a USED MOBILE phone is 7,000

Cost of shipping a BRAND NEW MOBILE phone is 9,000

Cost of shipping a USED LAPTOP phone is 14,000

Cost of shipping a BRAND NEW LAPTOP phone is 16,000

Cost of OTHER ITEMS varies depending on their size and weight in kg or lbs.

Before an order is placed, we will let you know the cost you are to pay for shipping.

Contact us on WhatsApp:  08037490548 for further enquiries!

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